Flat Iron, The Burger – London

Flat Iron Shoreditch – Flat Iron Burger – £10

Last week I went to Flat Iron as a surprise. Now when I say surprise, I don’t mean 20 people got me there in a blindfold to literally shout “SURPRISE!”, but more some original plans didn’t work out and Flat Iron (as a reliable and delicious friend) was there to comfort us in our time of need.

Usually when I go to Flat Iron I have purpose. And that purpose is steak. Delicious delicious steak.  We haven’t done a Flat Iron post since one of our first – CLICK HERE TO READ IT– and need to do another as that was from the first visit EVER, so I took the tasty opportunity to try something new. Something I had heard about from friends and recently gained some knowledge about thanks to Jordan, the Flat Iron butcher based at the Covent Garden branch (Insta/twitter @butcherling). The new half secret information passed on to me was that this burger contains brisket meat. Which is special and I don’t think many burgers would contain this sort of beef. It lit a burger fuelled flame inside of me. Mm…brisket.

One of the lovely touches from Flat Iron is their beef dripping popcorn. They give you a cup as soon as you get to your table and it is pretty sublime. I mean, popcorn – yes….popcorn with a hint of beef…YES!! And they aren’t averse to topping you up when you need more.


We requested a spit viewable seat (which turned out to be hot, surprise surprise for sitting near a fire) and I was mesmerised by the beautiful rotating meat… Mmm ..

The waitress knew me from having been to Flat Iron so much “have you been to Flat Iron before? Well I know you have, hoho!” and bantered about a personal loyalty scheme for me. And I am damned proud of loving this company so being recognised for it is a badge I will wear with honour. Seriously though, a steak loyalty scheme would be a dream. Anyway, my friends didn’t believe I would be able to stray from the amazing steak until I ordered the burger and when it came to the crunch I stuck by my guns and ordered it, along with some creamed spinach.

As always the staff were lovely and the service was quick. My burger showed up and it was a monster! Massive and dripping down the side was béarnaise sauce…while my table’s steaks were being served and the sides put down I couldn’t help but poke the sauce a few times and have a wee preview of what was in store for me. LUSH. The sauce is rich. LUSH.

My strategy for this burger was to use the little baby cleavers that Flat Iron let every guest use for their meal (and also pose for photos because if you don’t make the most of these then you may not be human…or maybe just not into fun little knives as I am!) because this was one hefty and juicy burger. First bite…amazing. The meat was so soft and flavoursome and I have never eaten a burger with this kind of consistency. That sounds strange but all will become clear.

The difference between a Flat Iron burger and any other that I have tried in our fair city (or anywhere so far) is that they deep fry their burgers. This means you get a crispy outer and a melty soft inner. MY GAHD. I will say it again – LUSH. The server said to me before I ordered that they can’t be too precise with the burger rareness (I do heart rare) as they are fried but it would be pink inside and this turned out perfectly. Whatever the kitchen team are doing, they are doing it so so right.

Within the depths of this burger amongst the bun, beef and sauce is a delicate sprinkling of shallots. The sauce keeps them in line so they don’t fall out of the seeded bun (supplied by St John Bakery) and nothing is wasted or added needlessly. The combination of flavours is top and each bite is a pleasure. Rich, creamy, meaty, crispy, soft. And big. So big I left half of the top bit of my bun because when I get full I have to prioritise my food, and for me the bun was the least important part. Needed to finish the sauce and meat!!!

So yes, as you have read and may have cottoned on to, I very much enjoyed this burger. It would definitely be in my top 4 tried so far, maybe top 3 but I need to document this more, and I will have it again. But I do need to go back to my trusty steak first. And work my way through the specials when they are on offer. Why do you offer so much beefy goodness? Even with a small menu this is still a difficult choice for me!

Huge high five to Flat Iron, you really knocked it out of the park. Big love, as always, my delicious cowwy beef providing friends.

Twitter/Instagram: @flatironsteak

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