Smokestak at Dinerama – Shoreditch, London

Smokestak – Usda Brisket Bun – 8 Quid

This lunchtime I mosey-ed on down to Dinerama in Shoreditch and one of my chosen dishes was a USDA Brisket Bun from Smokestak.

This is a looovely juicy soft bit o’brisket served in a mystery bun – what is it, Smokestak? Brioche?! Anyway it’s a very light bun and sweet, toasted and all clammy. Clammy doesnt sound like it should be a good thing, but in this case it is – meat clamminess. No seeds. Thumbs up.

The most important part for me is the brisket, which was super soft. Melty. Helped by some good chunks of crazily almost liquid, but solid, fat. But you need it. And love it. I’m not one for eating a lot of fat but this is really sweet and makes the whole bun extra melty.

Now, this burger also contains some picked red chilis. Not a ton (maybe 5 slices?), but seeds are included too and I managed to eat a few but took out most. They are fresh and tasty if you are a chili fan, but they aren’t for me.

This was a properly banging brisket burger. It filled me up too for lunch and I was pretty ravenous having not eaten anything else today (ok, half a muffin but that is not sufficient to make a dent!). Well recommended if you want a tasty meaty burger which isnt a sort readily available in restaurants (ie chicken, standard burger format or pulled pork) for a different soft and so…soft beef… oh sorry. Yes. Ahem. It’s good.

Go. Try. Close your eyes and make sweet tastebud love to the brisket in front of you.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Instagram: @smokestakuk


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