Esthechoc – Chocolate Golden Skin Programme

Oooh… chocolate… TICK… golden skin… TICK… this sounds pretty good, right? I was approached to review this product, completely impartially (as always) and I must note that this is not a paid review.

I thought this would be a good product to review as even at the age of 31 my skin still thinks I am a vibrant teen and I do suffer from skin problems (mainly chin based). Boo and hiss. I’ve tried countless antibiotics, ointments, tablets, creams, contraceptives blahblahblah for years to try and calm it down but not much works (well, one contraceptive did help a bit but it made me go a bit nutso with moods so I stopped that as one doesn’t like being angry 98% of the time) so I thought perhaps this chocco will make a difference. Plus, I am not going to turn down eating a little choccy bar every day for 3 weeks especially if it has the potential for skin benefits!

So what is this? Esthechoc is a ‘Cambridge Beauty Chocolate’ Golden Skin Programme and they say “One small esthechoc a day helps to regain your skin health and slow down the ageing process” – one box contains 21 bars, and they come in at 38 calories per bar for those of you who count. The key ingredient seems to be Astaxanthin which is (according to Esthechoc) supposed to be one of the strongest antioxidants known to science, surely a good thing.. for more info follow this link but I would always encourage doing your own research on ingredients like this to try and avoid any bias or ‘fake news’ facts (thinking of you, Gwyneth Paltrow and your strange Goop claims).

So I did my ‘work’ of eating these chocolates for 21 days and unfortunately I can’t see any visible change in my skin. To be honest my skin isn’t great anyway so I was hoping for this to make a difference, but alas. Perhaps it is healthier somehow internally, but externally I remain acne-prone with flare ups continuing at different points in the month as some of you ladies out there may relate to. The chocolate was pretty nice, tasting medium dark in flavour and it was a good little nibble to curb any sweet hankerings you might have but for me that’s all it did.

However, we are all different and if you want to give this a try it’s available worldwide and you can buy packs online; a single packet of 21 chocolates is £42.50 (as of September 2018) or you can buy 2, 4 or 6 month supplementation programmes for various prices going up to £198 for 9 months worth – check the website for the latest pricing. There are some decent client testimonials (before and after photos would be ideal) so this must work for some, just not for me.

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