Cuppanut – Raw Coconut Tea by Gareth Gates

Let me introduce you to the beautiful pink liquid in the picture above. This is Cuppanut’s coconut and cranberry infusion tea. Pretty pink drinks tend to be full of sugar and additives but this one is all natural and actually good for you!

Cuppanut is the creation of “Pop Idol” (the predecessor to X factor for those of you too young to remember) runner up and mega successful singer Gareth Gates. We met him at the Specialty Fine Food Fair last week where he was showcasing the brand, and we were pleased to find that he was a lovely chap (not to mention rather scrummy – it was a toss-up as to which was prettier, Gareth Gates or his tea!)

Stef with Gareth Gates at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair

Coconut seems to be the superfood du jour, with everyone going mad for the apparent health benefits coconut water and coconut oil recently. Clever lad Gareth is getting in on the action with the launch of the first hot coconut drink on the market. Cuppanut tea is made from raw coconut, which is naturally sweet, with no added sugar or artificial flavourings, contained within a biodegradable teabag. The flavoured versions use all natural ingredients infused with the coconut, so what you see on the box is what you get – coconut and cranberry, or coconut ginger and turmeric – and nothing else!


The delicious looking pink drink pictured is the coconut and cranberry tea, which made a delightful Sunday morning cuppa, and knowing it was all healthy made me feel a little bit better after the gluttonous slider-scoffing session I’d had at Slider Decider the day before. The flavours are delicate, it’s mildly sweet but not extremely so, and the coconut is not overpowering, which is good for me as I’m not actually the biggest coconut fan. The original pure coconut tea is, as you might expect, more coconutty. The coconut ginger and turmeric is completely different – the spiced flavours of southern India are more intense than the other teas and would suit a more grown up palate. All three were delicious, which is strong praise for a coconut tea coming from someone that doesn’t really like coconut!

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Twitter: @cuppanuttea

Instagram: @cuppanut


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