KERB ‘The Favourites’ Part 1- Camden, London

KERB Camden – Street Food – £ varies – mostly under £10

Last week I was lucky enough to get invited to the preview night of the new KERB food market at Camden Lock by A Geordie Lost In London. This food market has been here for a while but it’s been taken over and re-vamped by the KERB guys who already run street food markets at Kings Cross, the Gherkin and Canary Wharf.

Camden is the new flagship of the KERB brand as the first market which will be open 7 days a week, and has a huge 35 traders as well as a bar which specialises in Negronis (turns out I don’t love Negronis but there are plenty of other options including craft beers). It’s a great site, the stalls surround an offshoot from the canal which houses a couple of sleepy canal boats, so you get a nice feeling of chilling out by the water while you chow down.

On to the food… well, as much of a big eater as I am, even I couldn’t quite manage the mammoth task of tasting all 35 traders’ offerings. I was strategic and decided to prioritise the things I hadn’t tried before, and also avoided anything with the dreaded Vegetarian or Vegan signage (sorry veggies I’m sure you have some great stuff to offer but I’ll always go for the meaty option first!)

Unfortunately, in the same way I had to prioritise what to try, unless you want a 6000 word dissertation I’m going to have to break this up into a couple of posts, so for this one I’ll begin with my favourites. There were two stand-outs for me, from which I could not choose a favourite, so in joint first place were The Patate and The Mac Factory London.

The Patate

The Patate: These guys have had the excellent idea of bringing the wonderful French classic beef bourguignon into the street food world. They form a patty by placing their deep rich and beautifully flavoured beef stew onto a hot grill to develop an awesome crispy crust, then top this with gorgeous melty raclette (or other French cheese of your choice from the day’s selection). This goes into a fluffy bun and is finished with extra gravy. Wow. Why didn’t anyone else think of this? Absolutely amazing. If you want to try something a bit different to the standard burger then give this a go, it’s a little bit messy to eat but that’s part of the fun.

Twitter/Insta: @thepatateuk

The Mac Factory London

The Mac Factory London: Well, these guys turned a usually less-than-enthusiastic-about-mac-and-cheese-sceptic into a devout worshipper of the mac and cheese gods. It was so good. First of all it was saucy… seriously saucy. Thick, cheesy, gloopy deliciousness coated every morsel. They make each batch fresh so no dried up claggy stodge that I often am faced with when presented with mac and cheese. Then there were the toppings. I went for the Posh Spice. Chunks of crispy fried chorizo, delish harissa sauce, caramelised onions, and a parmesan and thyme crumb which added a lovely bit of crunch. So good! Even though I knew I had a lot of other food to try I could not stop eating this one! They have a range of other flavours which also looked awesome so I’ll definitely be going back to try them all.

Look out for the next Kerb Camden post to hear about some of the other great offerings.

Forked by Tolibear

Twitter: @themacfac

Instagram: @themacfactorylondo

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