Cavallo – Vienna, Austria

Guten morgen from Österreich! I’ve made it a focus to visit some new cities and with my main travel focus being eating, it’d be rude if I didn’t share some edible gems with y’all as I go.

So on the menu today we have Cavallo! A very cute and well decorated bar Cafe restaurant type place…yes, you know I’m a sucker for aesthetic restaurants.  This one in particular is ‘on it’ displaying many exposed bulbs with metal wire lampshades, a super nice colour scheme, soft looking furniture and it’s all just very aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t stop with the furnishings and decoration either. Upon arrival we’re seated on a comfy corner bench seat and handed a menu each… The menus are magazines! Such a good idea. You pretty much get to see a photo of each dish and drink on offer and not like you would on a laminated double side menu in a cheap cafe, this has been properly done. Love it.

I ordered a strawberry iced tea. It was super refreshing and I probably got about 550 to 600ml which is a hefty measure, I likes.  Sometimes when I get a juice or tea in a cafe it gets served in a widdly school lunch sized glass and I have to cautiously sup it in case it runs out really quickly, but this wasn’t a problem  I had here. Thank gahd. Cavallo offer an array of other iced tea flavours too but strawb seemed right for me today.

When it came to food I thought a dish called the Moscow Breakfast sounded decent… The picture looked nice and it seemed pretty lush from reading the description… however when I ordered it the waiter laughed in response, then asked “is this something you like?”… I replied saying I hoped so and it looked nice! He then laughed until he left the table and it left me wondering what on earth I’d ordered! I was slightly concerned and unsettled until the food was brought out….

This mysterious dish arrived and it was actually lovely! 3 little thick, bouncy Russian cheese pancakes (kind of cream cheese I reckon but they didn’t taste of actual cheese) with a bowl of yoghurt, condensed milk and one of jam. I thought it was a really nice! The quantity was great too and left me full but not stuffed. Super relieved after being LOLed at, stupid waiter. Gr. We pondered it and assumed it’s a dish people order then send back? Whatever happened, I loved mine.

Simon had the Cavalla breakfast which was a taster kind of plate… Looked super good and his comment on it is “it was a nice mix of things and flavours” which isn’t too informative but that’s what you’re getting! He’s now added that there was the “perfect amount of syrup on the little pancakes which he feels is important”. Just look at the pic of it for more info. Basically, it got a thumbs up.

I saw a few people order this fancy lemonade thing, which is served on a box of ice, in a plastic bag with a straw sticking out.  Now I can’t recall what the price was but this sort of drink is purely designed for social media, right? Check out their tagged insta pics and I bet you’ll find a photo instantly….although I am providing a ‘BTS’ of one here for you #doitforthegram. The pictured couple didn’t chat while they ate but the (presumed) boyfriend spent all his time taking photos of the gal and although I do love myself some insta snappage, this really took the biscuit.

I’d very much like to have more time to come back and try other dishes and hopefully not be laughed at when selecting.. So strange. I’d still recommend Cavallo despite the weird staff, and the Moscow breakfast dish in particular!

Breakfast for two with a drink each came to 21.50 Euros.

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Instagram: @cavallovienna

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