Atomic Vintage Festival – Sywell, England

What ho! It’s 2018 and that means a whole new year of events are afoot! A highlight of 2017 for me was Atomic Vintage Festival and with 2018’s yearly dose of Atomic coming up in July, I thought you needed to know the haps and why you need to be there!

So, held on an airfield about 20 minutes north of Northampton the Atomic Vintage Festival pops up every Summer to provide a fun-filled weekend of dancing, planes, drag racing (not the RuPaul sort, well.. maybe), funfair rides, bands, shopping and more! I attended in 2016 and took part in the fashion show as well as working promo as an Atomic Bombshell, but 2017 well and truly took the biscuit.

One thing about Atomic is that as it’s hosted in the Summer and we’re in England, it’s pretty much guaranteed to rain.  Now in 2016 Anna et moi stayed in a tent and, believe me, getting up to try and look presentable after staying in a tent is a skill I have definitely not been anywhere near perfecting.  So 2017 brought us a hotel to sleep in – bliss. A ton of people do stay on site as you have the option to get a caravan/tent pass with your tickets (camping is free), so you can see lots of retro vans and campers around which is fun to look at. If you think you can camp or have the right caravan for the job then the  option is there for you – or if you are really quick you can stay on site in the beautiful Aviator Hotel… saying that, I just checked every weekend in July/August 2018 and it’s already sold out so you’ll have to stay onsite or nearby.

Anyway, what did Atomic have in store for us this year? As Atomic Bombshells we represented the festival helping attendees out, having photos taken, handing out brochures, some assisted in the cinema, we roller-skated (kind of!), trampolined, got to hang out with the well informed funny man Charles Phoenix and presented awards on stage for the car and jive competitions! I always love bombshelling for this festival, everyone is so lovely and it’s always fun although we are working. You’ll recognise the Bombshells all over the festival site and may see them pop up at different weekenders during the year – if you see lots of ladies dresses in matching red outfits then that’s probably us/them!

Outside of Atomic Bombshell duty I managed to get some shopping in and accessorised my whole Saturday night outfit with Splendette jewellery and a new hair flower from a random stall. I nabbed some more bangles and 2 necklaces from the talented Luxulite – I’m more of a necklace gal as with my stretched ears I can’t wear proper earrings comfortably. On the Sunday I broadened my horizons and got myself a horse-shoe ring from SWS of London Jewellery to sate my cowgirl lust.

Nights (and some of the day) were spent filling up with rum – and some champagne, thank you Francois and Jonathan- , dancing and generally twotting about with my pals. It was nice to meet Scotty Baker who seemed a bit starstruck by my beautiful friend Lizzy but unfortunately we missed his set on stage.  I’ve since seen videos and am sad we missed it! Sorry Scotty, another time!

The jive competition was fun to view and as I generally love watching people dance during the DJ sessions and attempting a bit myself. I think I’m slowly getting better but think I have a ways to go yet. Thank you to everyone who asked me and forced me to get involved  – even the drunken lady who kept spinning me the wrong way round! We got a wadge of strolling in too and somehow Anna popped up on different sides of the dancefloor on every turn which amazed me considering how tight some of the dancing spaces are – she is a true dancefloor wizard.

I mentioned Charles Phoenix up there somewhere and this was the first time I had encountered this charismatic chap. Charles is an American pop-culture humourist who collects slides, learns about them and presents comedic but informative slide shows which celebrate 1950s and 1960s culture and kitsch. He has performed at Viva Las Vegas when I’ve been there but managed to totally miss him somehow – sorry Charles – though seeing him at Atomic was a right treat. He kept us engaged and giggling with his hilarious commentary and dazzled us in a fabulous red shiny suit. Amazing. I KNOW! (he says “I know” a lot and I love it). We got to stroll about with Charles for some photos as his red matched our Bombshell uniforms perfectly and he was kind enough to invite us to play the next time Anna and I are in Vegas or LA. What a gent. Get along to one of his slideshows if one comes up near you – something different and you won’t regret it.

Sound good? Well you can get a weekend 2 day ticket for £75-£80, advance day tickets for £44(Saturday) / £39(Sunday) or you can buy day tickets on the door for the same price for Saturday and £49 for Sunday.  Not bad for a weekend’s entertainment really, is it? There is a ton of free stuff to do inside, I think the only extras you would need to pay for are the fairground rides (a couple of quid a pop) then your food and drink. There are free trampolines, roller-skating, crazy golf and then you have the general bands, showcases, racing, planes and dancing! If you like the sound of all that then this is definitely one to check out – 2018’s festival brings some extra events too including soap-box racing which should be a giggle! Come along, but pack a brolly just in case.

When? 2018 dates: 28th to 28th July 2018
Where: Sywell Aerodrome, Northants, NN6 0BN

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