Schwartz – Fajita Seasoning

Who likes alliteration?! Meeeee! Okay well maybe not as much as that, but it’s February and I’m going to be chatting to you about some Fajita Seasoning made by Schwartz….I’m therefore declaring it Fajita February!

I want to add a little note here to say that Schwartz have sent me this fajita seasoning for review, but all views are my own. I’m giving my honest opinion as always so let’s see whether this little jar of sprinkles tickled my tastebuds or not.

First thing is introducing Schwartz…..if you’ve been in a supermarket there’s pretty much no doubt that you would have seen a spice, herb or seasonings from this brand. They’re pretty hefty and deservedly so… they were established way back in 1889 by a chap named William E Schwartz who imported a bike from England to travel round Nova Scotia selling spices, and by the 1930’s they had become a global brand selling to over 50 countries. There wasn’t any internet or social media back then either – can you Adam and Eve it?! Pure graft! Click here to read a bit more about the company should you now be curious about how they got to where they are today…if not…carry on reading here please thank you please.

As I mentioned, I’ve got some fajita seasoning to try out today, which I’ve read is “expertly blended with ground coriander, lemon and chilli”. Expertly! There are a ton of things you can do with this seasoning but I’m actually going to do what the pot itself tells me to and make fajitas. I haven’t had them in a long, long time so it’ll be a (hopefully) nice dip back in for me.

Instructions: Sprinkle over sliced chicken, onion and peppers, towards the end of cooking.  Serve wrapped in flour tortillas with soured cream and salsa. 1 tablespoon is enough for 2 servings, and I’m cooking for two so 1 tablespoon it be.

I fried up my 400g chicken then added the onion and peppers along with 1 tablespoon of tomato puree.  I’d made some guac/avo mush in advance and bought a tube of sour cream so I was good to go! Fajitas are super easy to make and I carried on stirring everything together while it cooked for a few minutes after adding the seasoning. We made 4 pretty full fajitas from the whole mix and they were really tasty! Not overly spicy so if you needed spice then maybe add some chili powder or try an extra tablespoon of seasoning but I really enjoyed the combo of flavours from the seasoning, guac and sour cream.

I’ll definitely be using this again and recommend picking some up over using something like one of those fajita kits (past Stef cooked fajitas this way).  Each jar is £1.60 so it’s definitely better value – I reckon you could make 5 or 6 sets of fajitas for two people per jar.

I’ll wrap up (ho ho) with some recipes for you to try:
* Fajitas (swap a few ingredients to make them veggie)
* Mexican Paprika Chicken & Bean Stew
* Fajita Marinade Drumsticks
* Fajita Bean Wraps with Avo & Cucumber Salsa (veggie)

And here are some important links if you want more info or to buy a jar to test it for yourself: 

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