Holybelly – Canal Saint Martin, Paris

Bonjour from Paris! Today I am bringing you some brunch lushness, right in yo’ face!

When I booked this little trip away I specifically didn’t want to be lumped in a touristy area, so chose to look up the ‘hipster’ parts of Paris. Yes, I am a twerp. I love this stuff.  The area I picked I mainly chose because it was less than five minutes away from the best boulangerie in the city but on our walk to said boulangerie, we stumbled upon Holybelly. And holy cow…it tickled my belly. A hipster brunch paradise on a cute little Parisienne street. Who’d have thunk it?

We tried to get in the day before but this place is popular, and it was a Sunday morning.  So we diverted elsewhere and plotted to come back.  We had about a three minute wait and that’s not half bad since we arrived nearly an hour after their scheduled opening time.  The place was packed though – not in an uncomfortable way but the tables were filled to the brim with a varied crowd, from hipsters to families and older folks. Mainly a younger bunch (let’s say in their 20s) but there was a definite variety which was really great to see! Very inclusive and inviting.

With well made wooden tables and some more industrial looking caging/metal around the walls reminded me a little of Caravan, just a lot smaller and cosier. It was also staffed by ‘trendies’ which matches a lot of London brunch and coffee joints, and for me that’s a good thing. They were all really friendly too, speaking both English and French, and made this trip a pleasure. From looking on their website, it looks as though they favour speaking in English which is rare for a Paris-based location but works for tourists like me. The whole look and feel of this place plus the branding was pretty beautiful.

We were seated on a higher benched table near the kitchen and the smell of bacon and sausage  blasting us in the face was amazing. Our bench was kind of communal, as in no separate table but just maybe 4 or so pairs of diners lined up in a row.  Again I don’t mind this at all and I get to beak at other people’s food…sneakily. From this vantage point we could also see into the kitchen – fun! Yesterday I noticed that the crowd in Holybelly (or the queue outside) was mainly American, and maybe by coincidence we are sitting next to two Americans while I tap out this blog!

The menu was really great and there was a ton that I would love to order if I had more time, but we decided to split two dishes – the chosen ones were the Savoury Stack and the Eggs with Bacon and Hash Brown.

Presentation-wise the food looked absolutely ‘on-fleek’. The eggs and bacon looked bright with a sprinkling of pepper on top – I couldn’t wait to tuck in (after papping it , of course). The pancakes were similar as they had eggs and bacon too, but with syrup and glorious butter.

Both meals were very different but flavoursome. The bacon was rich and slightly sweet, the eggs perfectly cooked with runny yolks and who can get a hash brown wrong?! Add in a sausage and they are all my favourite parts of a fry up. The pancakes were soft and cooked brilliantly. The savoury part pf the stack was the fried eggs, bacon, bourbon butter and maple syrup, and it was really nice to have pancakes which had an edge over most of those served at home. All the ingredients were really delicious and tasted fresh plus the pancakes were not dry AT ALL. Swoon! The portions were of a good size and although I wanted to eat  more, I really couldn’t. 

On the drinks, I went for a  Chai Latte which was very smooth and light, plus an orange juice to freshen my mouth up a little which was freshly squeezed and sweet.

I was really pleased with my visit at Holybelly and will definitely try and come here again – I have a planned Paris trip with my Mum and sister so will try and drag them there so I can sample some more of the menu. A Melbourne-style café in Paris is definitely a winner for me, and I think it would be for you too. If you really like it, you can buy a shirt or a mug as a little souvenir too.

Update: I did go back to Holybelly with Jax and my Mum! It was again AMAZING and I can’t fault this place at all.

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Twitter/Insta: @holybellycafe

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