Het Karbeel (Cheese) + Omel-Egg (Brunch) – Amsterdam

Amsterdam! What a fine city it is. Although it’s renowned for the sexy and substance side of things, the sexiest thing I found (sorry, working girls and guys) was the grub.

We consumed some great food during our long weekend visit and hopefully this blog will help with some recommendations if you choose to go too!

This post covers Het Karbeel for some gosh darned fine fondue and Omel-Egg which will cover all your breakfast needs in a very individual way!

Het Karbeel 

When I mentioned to a friend I was going to Amsterdam, her first word was “FONDUE!”.  As a fellow cheese enthusiast I immediately added a fondue to my list of musts for the few days I had away. DSC_5637

A little internet search led me to Het Karbeel which is a short walk away from Amsterdam Central Station towards the red light district (this place does sexy cheese). They’ve been in that spot since 1977 and are all about the fondue, serving many variations to cover any cheese fan’s needs.  I went for the Napoli (Gruyere, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes and basil) with some veggies as well as bread to dip. There was so much and it was SO GOOD. This photo shows fondue for one person – ALL FOR ME. Very generous portions and they are not scrimpers when it comes to the extra ingredients to make the fondues special.


The building is old (built in 1534 in fact!) and they haven’t altered the décor to modernise it which gives the place a nice authentic and homely feel.  Often, I find, the places with thDSC_5630e less polished décor serve the best authentic food. There was also a cat (well, two if you count the one in the place opposite who came for a bit of a play) named Simba which always goes down well in my book. Amsterdam is amazing for free roaming tame cat spotting and petting. Swoon.

Cheese fans. Visit Het Karbeel and let us know what you thought!




I couldn’t find a vast array of brunch spots in Amsterdam but we did discover Omelegg, which is the first omelettery in The Netherlands and they are darned proud of it! They serve some delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch all day and their menu includes some strange sounding mixtures of ingredients which actually work really well together.


For example, the omelette I went for was the weekly special.. melon, ham, cheese and mint. Random!!! I often find omelettes or scrambled eggs too much for me. Not sure what it is, the consistency but I get to a point where I just can’t carry on and feel a tiny bit sicky.  But I didn’t get this here and was very surprised by that…maybe it was the strange ingredient combination mixing things up a bit, but it was really delicious.

DSC_5499I mean, check out this menu: http://omelegg.com/menu/.. their choices range from standard cheese to chicken, to dates, to peanut butter and banana (yes, in an omelette!!) and curry bockwurst. Really interesting and I fully trust what they are doing after my weekly special went down so well.

The place itself was prettDSC_5504y cute. We found it through Foursquare I think.  They don’t take reservations and it’s quite small but the service is quick and staff are great so if you are waiting it doesn’t take long to get a seat and start your nosh. The prices are reasonable and I would 100% recommend this place to anyone visiting Amsterdam soon.

Forked by Stefpuff


Twitter/Instgram: @omelegg

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