Cadbury Dairy Milk – Tiffin Bar

If you don’t know who Cadbury are then you really need to get back in your bunker and go back to being a mole man/woman. Right. Now we’ve established that those of you left reading do indeed know who this chocolate giant are, we can continue. Ain’t nobody got time to go into the history of Cadbrizzle (look, I am hip and cool …broadening the reach of this blog with my lingo)… so I’ll just say what this post is about. Drumroll please……. it;’s about the new Tiffin Bar. Huzzay!

As soon as I heard about this flavour being available I thought “ARGH I ❤ TIFFIN” from when my Granny Bump (shush, affectionate pet name) made it for us every Christmas. So how could this in a choccy bar be bad? The flavour had a limited release trial over the Summer of 2016(completely missed my radar) and has now been officially launched. However, even saying that, this bar has had a very on-off relationship with the general public.. I don’t have reasons for the break-ups and get-back-togethers but this is how the Tiffin bar has teased us over the years:

  • 1937 – Launched! Yay
  • 1972 – Withdrawn .. Boo
  • 1985 – Re-launched! Yay
  • 2003 – Withdrawn .. Boo
  • 2017 – Re-re-launched! Yay (this is now)

Let’s hope they don’t change their minds again!

So what’s in this bar? If you’re familiar with tiffin then you’ll probably know. It’s basically a fruit and nut bar but without nuts and putting lots of mini biscuit pieces in their place.

This is a tasty choccie bar and I really like the biscuit part, however I’ve never been a big fan of raisins so personally I wouldn’t go for this. I don’t mind them and they didn’t ruin the taste but I tend to avoid raisin chocolate things just because, for me, there’s better out there. I much prefer raisins in tiffin-tiffin than in chocolate-tiffin… maybe it’s the consistency? Anyway , the chocolate is standard Cadbury’s so if you like that then you’ll probably like this.

I tried the 200g version which retails at about £2, so a pretty standard price for that sized bar.  It’s not one for chocolate snobs – I do like myself some fancier stuff – but if you want something cheap and like all the ingredients then give it a whirl.

We also reviewed the Cadbury’s Big Taste Peanut Caramel Crisp so if you want something different, like nuts and don’t fancy tiffin, give the link a click and read. Over and out for now!

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Instagram: @CadburyUK

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