The Babka Boys – Chocco Babka

Oh my sweet lord… You need to check out these lads. I was first drawn to them because of the frookin delish pics of their babka all over social media… My eye stomach couldn’t get enough and the climax of me ordering finally arrived.

Luckily for me there was a slot for delivery in my area the very next day so I popped my order through and sat by the door in excitement… The next day (just imagine I’d sat there for the whole time) my babka was hand delivered to me by a lovely cyclist – yay to environmentally friendly local delivery!

I had my tasty sweet bread pal arrive and found my new babka child was STILL WARM. Swoon! I papped it – because who would I be if I didn’t? – and had a slice then and there. The photos online are amazing but the taste is even better and it smelt so good! Amazing sweet bread, lush chocco (Nutella?) and the bits of salt really made it something super special. Shamazingly moist too. I tried to ration it and the whole babka lasted two of us around 3 days although really I could have eaten it in one…

I believe delivery is only local to East London at the mo and you can get one babka inc delivery for a tenner. TEN ENGLISH POUNDS! What a deal! As you can tell, I loved it and highly recommend The Babka Boys. Will be ordering myself another one of these dreams very soon!

Forked by Stefpuff

Instagram: @thebabkaboys (DM the on the gram to order)

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