New Opening! Bleecker and the City – Bloomberg Arcade, London

Praise be, mother Mary, Joseph and the orphans! Bleecker Burger, our beloved and much raved about burger joint, has opened a new location in the City TODAY! Bloomberg Arcade has recently blossomed from a building site into a new delicious heaven and Bleecker are the peak of the scrumptiousness.

We went into a fair bit of detail HERE as to why we love Bleecker so much, but it’s a shame to cover something once when our love for this place stretches on.

As much as I wish this here site was a full time venture, we aren’t quite there yet – I am still a “city wanker”. However, this new Bleecker location is PRIME for me and although I have shared the love with some colleagues already, this makes it so much easier for me to bring the into the warm embrace of this meaty delight (there are also veggie options but as a committed carnivore, I have no time for that business).

From what I’ve seen online, the decorating looks BANGING. All tiled and shiny. There are seats too and I believe you can book (tbc) a table. Gosh I am excited!

So go. Go to Bleecker. Go to any location, but now be aware of the newest location at 16 Bloomberg Arcade, EC4N 8AR. I’m going to pop down this week so location snaps will follow. Here are some of my past Bleeckers:

Welcome and congratulations to Zan and the Bleecker crew for the new spot, we heart you.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Instagram: @bleeckerburger

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