Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste – Peanut Caramel Crisp

April! Easter! Eggs! Rain!

Wait…no…we have something better for you. This month saw the launch of a new product from Cadburys…the new Dairy Milk Big Taste Peanut Caramel Crisp. The introduction of this peanut focused slab is brilliant for me as a big peanut fan and when they say Big Taste, Cadbury aren’t messing around! This is a £278g bar (big) which is sold for a not crazy £3.49 and that’s only the approximate  cost of one flavoured latte.

What is it then? Why is this different to other offerings from Cadbury? I’ve heard on the er…chocolate vine (?).. that this is a transfer of a product from Milka but rejigged as Cadbury for the UK. I thought Milka was pretty popular in this country but perhaps Cadbury is a bigger selling name so that’s why they swapped it up. Who knows.

But check out those chunks. They are certainly magnificently sized chunks. Throughout the bar there are generous nut pieces and crunchy crispies which, IMHO, makes for a great and a varied texture with lush caramel surrounding these nuggets of joy.  All of this is topped off with peanut halves making a truly delicious combo.

These bars are big enough for sharing, but let’s be honest…who has time for that? This was one for just me, the sofa and some Netflix series binging. I managed to make it last a few days and pace myself but honestly I could have gorged this in one sitting over an hour or two. It was really tasty. When it comes to the chunk size, this is something different to other Cadbury bars I’ve eaten; they’re bigger and they have a nice monkey nut design on the top.

This delicious new Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste bar is molded using the monkey nut dome shape designed to maximise the chocolate eating experience, with intense pieces to tuck into (and share if you’re not me), and it really does work. I loved this bar, both how it looks and tastes. The textures are a big thumbs up for me but it’s just so easy to get through I’ll need to limit myself to have these as more of a treat. If they came in ‘personal’ sized bars too that would be a plus. But yes. This gets a bit thumbs up and recommendation from me!

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