Gino Sorbillo – Naples, Italy 

Gino Sorbillo is a famous pizzeria in the historic centre of Naples and as I usually plan my holidays around food I naturally had to go. When I dropped the name into Google Maps a ton of results were brought up…turns out that just to a make it nice and confusing there are quite a few Sorbillo named fooderies on the same road… yaaaay! However, don’t be fooled and make sure you head to the right one!

I did some digging and managed to find the much loved Sorbillo online, only to find out that (probably unsurprisingly) there’s usually a wait to get a seat. As seems to be the theme for my European breaks in 2017, it was raining. The one week in Naples a year when it rains, and naturally that would coincide with my visit. This plus a wait didn’t sound too joyous but I wanted a good pizza so set off with brolly in hand to get me just that.

In case you need it, and for all of our reference, the address for this one is Via dei Tribunali, 32, Naples, Italy and it has a blue and white striped canopy over the door.

When I’m on holiday I tend to forget which day of the week it is, so forunately,showing up on a rainy Monday at about 8pm meant we were able to get a table straight away. Typically, coming from London, we thought we’d have a warm Winter break but as I mentioned, it wasn’t to be this time. Ironically it was actually dry back home but the rain played a part in the speediness of our seating. Huzzay!

If you visit this place when it’s sunny and delightful and there happens to be a queue outside then don’t worry too much.  There’s a small restaurant downstairs then a larger upstairs section, which is where we were seated, so it’s much bigger than it first appears.  The staff are diligent and I think queues would go down pretty quickly if you did have to wait.  Saying that, I faffed over the menu for ages because my translatey app wasn’t working but the poor waiter was pretty patient. I finally decided on having the Armando, the pancetta lured me in, with a cold bottle of Nastro Azzurro.

Fortunately, the pizzas arrived really quickly! The base was super thin but not crunchy – good news for me as thin crispy bases can often turn out burnt.. It was kind of pancake texture so felt undercooked but it wasn’t… twas absolutely amaze! As you can see from the photo, there was plentiful cheese and five big circles of super thin and rich pancetta on the top. The crust matched the base and was light but I was so full I did have to leave some of it – a genuine shame which is something I rarely say about pizza crust.

We had one dessert between the two of us… We didn’t get to pick so unfortunately I don’t know what it was called, sorry.  It was a mini donut on top of a small just larger than shot glass size container. A chocolatey affair including cake and a few other layers.. unfortunately I can’t be any more descriptive than that.. but it was pretty nice!

The total cost for a beer, sparking water, 2 pizzas and a dessert was 21.50 Euros. For pizza of that quality it was a bloody bargain and is highly recommended!

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2 thoughts on “Gino Sorbillo – Naples, Italy 

  1. Jokerscuckoo says:

    I love how you plan your adventures around food sounds like my type of woman! Haha. I love food and PIZZA is my faves. Never been to Italy and as I have much of the Italian genes rushing through my blood you can imagine that it’s one place I’d love to visit some day.

    The pizza looks great and I love a good thin crust, however I probably would have stuck to the traditional cheese as I don’t like much random meat on mine.

    Sorry it rained but glad you had a good experience.


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