Honey & Rum – Burning Barn Rum

Happy Summer 2019 to you all! Need some drink tips? I thought so! Here’s one for you to try; today I’m here to tell you about the new Honey & Rum…er….rum, by Burning Barn Rum. I like honey and I like rum so this surely has to be a winner, it’s self described as ‘liquid gold in a bottle’ so my job is to see if this is true or false.

So who are Burning Barn? Well they actually were inspired to start the company by their barn burning down…oh noes! Though we now see where the company name inspo was found…. From the ashes they picked themselves up, whammed up a workplace and got going making some craft rums for the world to enjoy.

This is a UK company but Burning Barn’s rum is actually  blended in the Diamond Distillery just outside Georgetown, Guyana’s capital.  Lucky for the rum, after blending it gets a little holiday in the Caribbean! I say little…it matures there for two to three years in old oak casks which previously had Bourbon whiskey as a tenant.

Once the rum is in the UK they cold smoke the rum with wood from the apple trees their Daddums planted over 30 years ago; keeping this bit local. The smoking again inspired by the barn….gotta turn a tragedy around somehow! BB have a spiced rum and all  the spices used are whole and roasted by hand on their farm so these products really do have a personal touch. As I’m trying the honey version, you can see some of the hives used to produce the honey by clicking HERE! Thank you, bee frens!!

The honey rum then! The branding and bottle are both pretty and the sample I received came in a wooden box which I really liked. Simple pleasures but I think these small touches really do make the difference.  Strength-wise it’s 29%  which matches the price it sells for at £29 for 70cl …not bad for a specialist rum made by an independent company really. This isn’t going to be any Tesco Value trash.

This bevvy is suggested to be tried on the rocks or straight, rather than adding a mixer. I’m going to give that a go but also try out a basic cocktail; Burning Barn have a mini collection of cocktail ideas on their website – very handy! They also suggest adding a dash of real lemonade or with lime, mint and soda water for a lovely honey Mojito. I likey the sound of that.

I’m going to try this rum in the near future; a few things have happened in my personal life which stunted my blogging a bit. It’s hard to get your head into gear sometimes! So when it’s back I’ll update this post but I didn’t want to keep the lovely people at Burning Barn Rum waiting any longer!

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Twitter/Instagram: @burningbarnrum

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