BBQ Lab/Thunderbird – The only wing you’ll ever need – London

BBQ Lab – Chipuffalo Wings – £ the more you order the less they cost so buy them all

I don’t think we could do this blog without writing about BBQ Lab. These guys have been a favourite of Stef and I for a while now and let me tell you for why…

Anyone who knows me knows that I like chicken. Scrap that I bloody LOVE chicken. One of my proudest moments as an Auntie so far is when I saw my baby niece using a chicken bone as a teething ring. My mother tells me I did the same thing as a baby. Must be genetic, what can I say?

Now since I have been chowing down on chicken since before I could walk,and since my favourite part of the chicken is the wing, I think I’m pretty well qualified to tell you about a good wing when I find one. Trust me, I have eaten a LOT of wings.

Now there are a few things that a good wing needs:

  1. Crispy skin
  2. A juicy interior
  3. Some seriously special sauce or seasoning

BBQ Lab nails it on all counts.


The signature Chipuffalo wings are a thing of wonder. These have been the staple wings on the menu at Dinerama for as long as we can remember. BBQ Lab have recently added some other flavours to the menu which we are sure are probably amazing but we haven’t managed to drag ourselves away from the Chipuffalo to try them (we will one day we promise! But that’s another blog for another day..)

With the Chipuffalo wing BBQ Lab have elevated the humble buffalo wing to new heights.

img-20160812-wa0015.jpgThe wings: Always a decent size, always the “flat” (as opposed to the “drumette” – the half of the wing that looks like a mini dr
umstick). Some people find the flat a bit fiddly, but trust me this is THE best, juiciest, and most flavoursome part of the entire chicken. It’s worth the work. Cooked in small batches and sauce applied only immediately before serving so they always retain the freshly fried crispy exterior.

The sauce: I’m not sure how they’ve done it but the addition of chipotle to the buffalo sauce recipe (and a few other secret ingredients I’m sure) makes these wings stand out head and shoulders above the other buffalo wings out there. And there is plenty of it! These guys don’t skimp on the sauce which is somethi
ng I appreciate, there’s nothing worse than a dry half-sauced wing.

The dip: Heaven. Blue cheese dip with a hint of truffle. Neither the cheese nor the truffle are overpowering but the complement each other beautifully.

The celery: Now I’m not the sort of girl that usually wastes my time on celery, but they’ve even managed to nail this. I reckon people like me would probably ignore the couple of slices of celery that you get on the side, but believe me this would be a mistake. It is beautifully pickled – both sweet and tangy – a perfect accompaniment.

Winning all round! If you haven’t tried BBQ Lab yet get yourself down to Dinerama and treat yourself. You won’t regret it.


Stefpuff and Tolibear in wonderment at the heavenly BBQ Lab Chipuffalo wings.

*BBQ Lab rebranded as Thunderbird in 2017*

Twitter/Insta: @ThunderbirdCKN – Champions of WingFest 2015

Forked by Tolibear




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