Drinki – The Free Cocktail Platform

wp-1473107033794.jpgEveryone loves a bargain, right?

Everyone loves free stuff, right?

Well, Drinki is the app for you.

Available in London, this app allows you one free cocktail a night at select bars throughout the city. You don’t get to pick the cocktail but the app will tell you the selected cocktail so it isn’t going to be a surprise or disappointment.

Basically you click into the app and the map will zoom in to your location. Bars are pointed out with little Drinki markers and when purple it means they are active and ready to be used – yum!

If you see a greyed out Drinki marker it means the bar is part of the Drinki collective but it isn’t offering the free drink at that specific time. However, if you click on it then some information will come up to show you when Drinki is active for that particular place.


Personally, I love this app. Any of my friends will tell you I bang on about this whenever we go out in London and have even shared the love with strangers when I’ve heard people deliberating over what to buy on a menu – why not have the Drinki chosen option while you decide?


When you ‘hit up’ – god, I am so street – a purple marker-ed (active) bar you’ll need to click I
WANT IT. Because you do. Then you’ll have to check in on Facebook, just by clicking CHECK IN – the app will ask you to log in the first time you use it but after that it’s a swizz. Not that logging in is hard… but yes. This is the kind of ‘payment’ for your free drink, a semi promotion or endorsement from you about the bar in the form of a FB check in. You’ll see a 30 minute countdown and it’s time to hand your phone to the bartender (or just let them poke at the screen) and woohoo you’re on your way. Very painless.



Some people are really anti-FB updates so if you’re one of those then just go in and delete that suckah afterwards, but I don’t think it’s an unfair trade for a free London  cocktail priced bevvy!



Anyway, basically download this app for free cocktails. Maybe at some point they will spread outside of London but for the time being, if you live in or visit London it’s worth a pop. Free app, free drinks – huzzay! Bottoms up!

When you download, use referrer code: S3V8 so both you and I receive extra free drink tokens!

Forked by Stefpuff


Twitter/Instagram: @drinkiapp

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