Rocket Originals – Cream Argyle Sweater

THE BEAST OF THE EAST aka Syberian weather has hit the UK and this, as all chilly weather does, drives me to my knitwear. Today I have a wee post for you about one of my short sleeve jumpers by Rocket Originals, the Argyle Sweater in Cream.

Rocket Originals are one of my favourite independent reproduction vintage brands for knitwear, shoes and the occasional bag which are made as close to the original patterns/designs as possible. This husband and wife team are a sure-visit for me whenever I see them at retro weekenders as a lot of their stock is limited edition – especially the shoes. They don’t sell wholesale either your option is to catch them in person or order via the website.

The sweaters made by this dynamic duo  are usually priced around £25 which is a huge bargain when you look at the authentic vintage styles, quality and the fact they are knitted in the UK. This isn’t any mass produced stuff either as the runs of styles are limited and once they’re gone, they’re usually gone for good.  The Argyle sweater featured here is knitted in a good quality yarn which is 100% Acrylic and can be machine washed – always helpful, I don’t have much time for hand washing my clothes so for me this is a huge plus, AND they don’t need ironing. Bonus!

I don’t have many light coloured items of clothing because I have the constant fear of dropping something down myself and trashing the clothes, but since owning this gorgeous piece I’ve managed to keep it stain free. Well done me for being a basic adult! Huzzah!  As a light top with a thin knit you will need to wear either a skin colour or white bra with this as black will show through but that’s the only thing you need to consider here. It has a cute argyle diamond pattern on the front, and the sleeves plus back are plain knit. I think this is really cute and goes with pretty much anything… you can chuck it with a pencil skirt or capri/cigarette pants for a smarter look or jeans to be more casual. As the knit is thin it keeps you warm but also allows for layering should you wish to pop another cardie over the top to keep your arms warm from the elbow down.

The style means the top doesn’t stop at the highest point of your waist and should sit just below your natural waistline which I like as it means no tum peekage happens! It has a great structure with the 3″ rib at the bottom, giving you a sturdy more fitted shape.

When it comes to sizing, I always go for an S with RO jumpers and this one was no exception – the sizing for all of their pieces is either S M or L and there are size charts on each website listing just underneath the item. I like quite a well fitted jumper so small always suits me, especially as knit can stretch a little bit if needed – for reference I have about a 28″ waist and a 34″ bust. The handy thing about seeing the team at weekenders is you can try bits on and use the fits for reference when buying online.

In the photos on this post I have paired my sweater with a pair of luscious Ida shoes in Cream Leather  – the colours go so nicely and as I mentioned you can literally wear anything on your lower half (within reason!) and the shoe sweater combo will set you up nicely.

Although I’ve worn my sweater in Winter, the thickness of the knit also lets you wham this on in warmer weather and the light colour means the sun won’t absorb as much heat so this really is a top for all seasons. I highly recommend that you check out Rocket Originals… everything they sell really. I will do a post on their bags too as I own a few which I go to for maybe 70% of my bag needs. The whole site is very swoon-worthy. Swoon….

Worn by Stefpuff

Twitter/Instagram: @rocketoriginals

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