Pret A Manger – Chicken Protein Box

Hello! Today I want to tell you about a lunch I’ve become rather fond of which takes the form of a Protein Box from Pret. This isn’t sponsored and hasn’t been requested by a PR company, it’s just me sharing the love for something I quite like.

I eat a lot, and a lot of that is food which (combined with no exercise) means my clothes are slowly feeling tighter… my poor self control means I can’t cut delicious food out totally but I am trying to reduce my carb intake for lunches.  So here we are with this box which seemed like a good option to me and, as a classic millennial, I’m a right sucker for an avo.  However despite these lures I am also a bit of a stinge, so was initially put off by the £4.99 price tag.

WTF is this thing then? Basically you get a tub which contains chargrilled chicken, about 1/4 of an avocado, a few bits of long stem broccoli, 1.5 hard boiled eggs, spinach as a base, a lemon slice and mixed seeds sprinkled on the top. It also comes with an ‘ancho chilli’ dressing which I was wary of initially but love love LOVE now.

The dressing tastes kind of red peppery, a little bit spicy (but only a slight hint) and sweet at the same time. The rest of the box isn’t anything that will blow your socks off if you’re looking for a magical flavour journey, but goes together really well and I like the variation of having a few different elements and textures in the box to dip in and out of. The chicken is moist (ho ho), the eggs tastilicious and the seeds add a nutty something something. I don’t finish the box feeling stuffed but that’s probably a good thing for a lunch to make sure I don’t fall asleep at my desk. I mentioned the price tag before and after eating this box once it was so tasty and fresh I’m on board with thinking it’s worth the cost.

Nutritional stats, facts and figures

Table of Nutritional Information (from Pret)
Per 100 g Per 273 g serving
Energy (KJ) 572.9 1564.0
Energy (kcal) 137.7 376.0
Fat (g) 7.7 21.0
of which is – saturates (g) 1.5 4.0
Carbohydrate (g) 2.5 6.7
of which – sugars (g) 1.3 3.5
Fibre (g) 1.7 4.7
Protein (g) 13.8 37.8
Salt (g) 0.7 1.8

I really like this cute box, as you can probably tell. It seems to be good for you and muchos pleasant so I’ll probably have it once a week in my work-lunch rotation as more of a treat because of the cost, but it’s definitely worth it. Ta, Pret.

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Instagram: @pretamangeruk

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