I Am Super Food – Souper Soups!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s SOUPER….soups.

Who are the I Am Super Food company? Well they have a story here which you are more than welcome to read. Basically though, they are a group of people who wanted to bring soup away from just being an ‘older’ person’s food and bring it back to being wicked and cool and all those things.

How do they do this? Well branding and marketing is pretty key – plus gluten free  and veggie options are a plus.  The importance of protein also seems to be a key point for IASF and I honestly do love the look of all of the products that I’ve seen of theirs so far. Check out the fun cartons… Nice bold and clean designs, easy to recognise and would stand out in the supermarche. Bravo.



I have to comment even further on the brilliant packaging here, it feels really high quality and has a fabulously convenient, rippable lid to it, removing the need for dirtying scissors or faffing about in any way.  I am a bit of a buffoon when it comes to opening things gracefully and I think you will agree I did a pretty good job here! One thing I will note is that you need to rip the top fully off to get the soup out as they are not messing around when it comes to chunkiness.


How to cook? On the hob in a pan or in the microwave BUT the cartons are lined with a thin aluminium layer to help keep the product from spoiling so ensure you don’t put the carton in the microwave. We all know that microwaves and metal are not bffs. So bowl that soup if you want to microwave. BOWL IT.

Onto the flavours I tried…

Chicken and Supergrains

The Chicken and Supergrain soup I cooked in the microwave but it ended up rather mushy in consistency and unfortunately I couldn’t really find that much chicken in there. The flavour was pretty nice but the consistency was a little bit distracting for me but maybe it’s that because I’m not very familiar with eating food mainly consisting of beans and pulses – they could be pretty mushy a lot of the time. It wasn’t a winner for me.


Peppered Beef

The Peppered Beef?  Well, IASF are NOT messing around when they say this is a chunky soup.  There are tons of beans, lots of potato chunks and it’s really rich in flavour.  Although this is peppered beef, it’s not noticeably peppery or over the top.  Instead the flavour was quite meaty and filling. I really liked this soup – big thumbs up from me!


I’d be really interested to try some of the other flavours on offer; Pulled Pork and Jalepeno and Supergreens are also available.  I am Super Food expanded last year from just soups to include beans AND grains (all Super branded of course) with interesting flavours such as Barley, Sweet Potato & Chorizo grains or Indian Style Tikka Curry baked beans. Makes a change from the standard, hey?

You can buy Souper soups (plus grains and beans) from their website, Amazon, Asda, Sainsburys, Ocado and Whole Foods.  At £15 for 12 this isn’t a bad deal at all and I can highly recommend the peppered beef. Dip your toe in their soupy swimming pool and see what you think too!


Twitter/Instagram: @iamsuperfood

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