Poppies of Spitalfields – Takeaway, London

Avast ye!

Last week we were feeling lazy or didn’t have anything in, or plans went askew…whatever. We ended up ordering takeaway through the DineIn site. We decided to go with Poppies of Spitalfields as I’ve heard great things but never actually been. Wah!!!

Order plaicing was fine and dandy, pretty standard through the website so I guess that’s not down to Poppies but it took about an hour to show up. Though I probably should appreciate that it is a very busy place! Darn it. The goodies arrived hot even after the delay which was a good thing in little cute Poppies boxes.

Poppies box

We ordered the groundnut oil fried cod which came with chips and, oh my Cod! Cor blimey! Their reputation is built on very firm filleted, delicious grounds. The chips were light and didn’t leave you feeling like you’d eaten a block of lard (that’s a good thing) and the fish tasted fresh and not over battered. What a ray of light! The meal came with a little jar of tartar sauce too which I am not usually crazy on, but this stuff was really nice. I didn’t use any other sauce or any salt/vinegar which is probably evidence to how good the food and sauce was by itself.


I was a bit worried about this order as a lot of grease and fish and chips of the past (of the past? what?) has made me feel a bit sicky afterwards but that didn’t happen at all with Poppies. Maybe it’s the different oil they fry in or something, I’m not sure.  (Hali)But I do know that I will definitely have to visit one of their sit down restaurants for a proper meal there.  And I would advise you to aswell.

As a finisher-offer tip I would say to order from the restaurant if you can, it’s cheaper and obviously there are no delivery fees!

End verdict: Poppies are eely good.

Sorry for the fish puns. But not really.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Instagram: @popsfishnchips

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