Bunnychow – Soho, London

Bunnychow – South African meals in a mini loaf – £5

Dear few readers. Or us. Or both. I began my relationship with Bunnychow last year and it was overwhelmingly fabulous. Their Thai Chicken bunny rocked my world and made it into my top 10 foods that I wanted to Get In My Face and I thought about the saucy soft bread most days. Sigh. Summer lovin’ did indeed happen so fast.

But….then the menu changed. I was hesitant, my Bangcluck Bunny chicken thai based love was gone. Not a coconutty replacement in sight. But I eventually clucked (see, chicken related) up the courage to go and try their new menu in Soho after a delightful cinema outing at the PCC. I saw The Mask, it was good. AWOOOGAHHH. I tried the Durban Bunny (mutton) – “Slow cooked mutton curry, raita, mango chutney – £5” as all the sauces sounded pretty similar and none particularly grabbed me from the descriptions.



The mutton tasted pretty good and presentation was nice with the poppadum things sticking out the top. It didn’t look as fresh as the old menu bunnies but it was presented in a nice tin. Not sure why tins are nice, but you know… the tin was nice. I do like the Bunnychow boxes but as my sister pointed out, they are probably heading to more eco-friendly packaging if you’re eating in. Fair doos!

So yes, I tucked in and found it nice but strange. Maybe it’s the South African durbanny flavour that I’m not used to? I picked out a lot of sultanas (I think that’s what they were) because they tasted too fruity/sweet and focussed on the meat and other bits but I’m sad to say I wasn’t wolfing it down. I also left most of the bread bowl as it wasn’t as absorby and the sauce just didn’t make me want to try and smoosh my face into the food to take as much in as I possibly could.

I treated myself to their new rib side too, which was tasty. That was probably the best part of the meal for me (eek, sorry no photos!) and I will try some more of their sides when I go back.  However, overall I left feeling a bit 😦 about the experience because I truly loved the old menu, and so did my other half.  He too felt it was lacking a certain something, though liked the spice level compared to the Monkey Gland, preferring that flavour over the new Durban Bunny.  There is a Monkey Gland sauce based side option (might be chicken wings, will have to check) but I’m not sure it will make up for it being gone.

Value wise, Bunnychow always wins.  It’s a fiver! A FIVER. Sides are also a pound, what a tasty pound. Especially if you have one of their badges to entitle you to 20% off and the quality is great but the new menu isn’t for me so far. I’ll be back to try some more  – perhaps the Pulled Pork – but I have a feeling I will be longing for the Bangcluck Bunny for some time. Please bring it back, Bunnychow! I luff you.

I need to get over the menu change though, times change, they have moved on so I need to either roll with it or pipe the frack down. Honestly though, that Bangcluck bunny….oh my lord. So good. RIP, my friend.

So say we all.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Instagram: @thebunnychow

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