Little Miracles – White Tea, Cherry & Acai

We saw the Little Miracles brand at the Cake and Bake Show 2016 and they certainly had gathered a constant conveyor belt of customers for their stall, so here we are trying out one of their pick up and go personal sized offerings.

For this review we tried the White Tea and Cherry drink, part of their 2016 Collection.

First piece of advice: dsc_0004Shake before drinking! This is a bevvy where little pieces of sediment settle at the bottom of the bottle so make sure to give it a little jiggle before you drink up.

The taste of this drink isn’t massively strong but the cherry flavour does push through. There are hints of fruit there but, once drunk, the flavour doesn’t especially stay with you and it is  very much like drinking water..It really reminds me of a weakish squash drink so I thought I would look into what is in this drink and how it’s put together.

The Little Miracles product section for this drink highlights Ginseng, Cherry and Acai Berries and gives a little overview of the ingredient plus what it can do for you. Very informative and I do see a lot of people chatting about Acai these days and it being a healthy thing to consume.

However, checking the back of the bottle the quantities of these ingredients are pretty low…we have Ginseng extract at 0.001%, 0.4% water extracted acai juice, 4.6% fruit juices with only 0.4% as sour cherry.  The ingredients with percentages next to them only account for about 13% of this beverage, maximum, assuming the remainder is the ‘still water’.  A little disappointing but it does explain the ‘weak cordial’ flavour I had with this product. I’m surprised at the cherry flavour though considering it doesn’t have much input on the ingredients list.

I am aware this is a white tea drink and in tea you use a lot of water, but I feel that if certain ingredients are heavily displayed then perhaps they should be more present or have the price lowered – these re £1.49 in Boots, £1.65 in Holland & Barrett and £1.55 on Amazon UK.

Other available flavours are:

  • Rooibos and Elderberry
  • Green Tea and Pomegranate
  • Black Tea and Peach
  • Lemongrass Tea, Orange and Ginger

I would recommend this if you are after a similar flavour to the Volvic flavoured water range.  If you want something a little more then it’s not for you.  Perhaps more of a homeopathic health benefit drink with the hints of certain ingredients rather than anything more substantial.  For me, I need something more.

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