Stakehaus at Kerb – The Gherkin, London

‘The Green One’ Steak and courgette fries- £8 – Stakehaus @ Kerb at the Gherkin

Thursday lunchtime we popped over to Kerb at the Gherkin to cheer up a pretty dismal chilly feeling Thursday. The traders at this site vary from week to week so I had looked beforehand and knew I was heading straight to Stakehaus.  I’d meant to visit them at another street food venue but I think the advertising was wrong so grabbed this opportunity by the…er..cow horns.



Stakehaus have been on the street food scene since 2015 and have grabbed themselves an amazing reputation and brilliant brand in a short time.  This bodes very very well for these guys and it all comes from their food.  As they say, the proof is in the pudding…or in this case, the steak. One dish, a small variant, done right.


There were two options both consisting of a 5oz steak (today’s choice was Angus Bavette) and chips, either potato or courgette.  I have been very rebellious with my food lately so I went for the courgette in an attempt to fit in one of my five a day and lessen the chance of an immediate heart attack (seriously, I have been very bad).


So I went for The Green One. And green it was not. It was DELICIOUSLY RED.  The steak was cookied brilliantly for me – rare.  They cook the meat in front of you on a kind of steak conveyor belt flat hot plate, but steaks are always on the go.  They are sliced up for you before being placed into your little tub to accompany your chippies which is just mouth watering moment.  In fact during the whole preparation I was making slightly disturbing guttural MMM noises because I could smell the meat, salt, pepper and butter and could not wait to get my mouth round this beef.

When you order you are given the choice of Kimchi, or garlic and herb butter – I went for garlic and herb (big garlic fan here).  Once the steak was cooked, sliced and ‘plated up’ they pop the butter on top of the meat and let it do it’s thang.  It was honestly pornographic, so beautiful melting into the perfectly cooked beefs.


Enough about me drooling over how this looked, onto the taste part!  As I mentioned, this steak was pretty red which was perfect for me.  It was soft, easy to eat (I was eating it with a wooden fork and could bite off chunks if the slices were too big for one mouthful) and wonderfully seasoned.  During the cooking process the steak is sprinkled on both sides with sea salt crystals and pepper, so naturally the flavour is a bit peppery.  It’s also served with a cunning ‘salsa’ (is it a salsa?) of parsley, chili, chive and probably more mix.  Also really good. There was absolutely no gristle in this steak – brilliant – pure red softness and it was a real treat to consume.


The courgette fries are a lush healthier/non potato alternative to your normal chippy option.  They were light and I appreciated the nicely spiced batter contrasting against the fresh inner.  These veggies were a good size and the sprinkling of with sea salt added that extra something. Really enjoyable and I would definitely have them again (though I would also like to try the rosemary fries!).


I was super pleased with my Stakehaus lunch. Everything was perfect for me.  One tip I would give is if you like a less than rare steak then make sure to request when ordering.  I didn’t get asked how I’d like it cooked (they do a glorious standard and I had seen photos so knew I was in safe hands) but if you do prefer a medium steak make sure to mention this  But I would recommend it as is. Beautiful.

Stakehaus – we will meat again soon.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Insta: @stakehaus


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