Kilted Fudge Company – Fudging Hell!

OH FUDGE!!!! Yes fudge. Fudge you, fudge me, fudge all of us. And now we will fudge together and try a little something something from the Kilted Fudge Company.



We can run you through six of the flavours available from KFC (heh, remember this isn’t chicken) but please know there are SO many more and they all look pretty beautiful. So here we are, fudge fans. Let’s see what we make of these bad boys…and in no particular order we have:


Chocolate Mint Tiffin – Oof, this reminds of an after 8 sort of minty flavour. Refreshing and the amount of mint is just right. The chocolate part seems a little like an after thought as once you bite through the green section the mint powers through. After eating this one my whole mouth was left fresh-feeling. Good, but my personal preference wouldn’t be mint. I did really like the tiffin part of this fudge – the texture change up was a great idea.

Chocolate Orange Swirl – I didn’t expect the flavour of this one to be as strong as it is! And that’s not in a bad way. This tastes very zesty and the after taste/smell reminds me of a orange jelly bean. This has chocolatey hints which smooth out the orange taste, but the citrus does shine through for this fudge. Good work.

Rocky Road – Very nice, surprisingly chocolatey so much so that if I was given it I might not even know its fudge! It’s a really nice different option with the marshmallows in there, and not one that I have seen before. Loved it!


Clootie Pudding– This is LUSH and tastes like a chai latte! Perfect for winter. It’s not an amazingly strong cinnamon taste but just enough to warm your cockles a bit.  Subtle and really tasty – could easily munch through a whole block of this one with no issue. Sweet, but not sickly and just the right amount of spice leaving you with a fab aftertaste too.

Caramel – A little subtle tweak on a classic fudge flavour.  This one really is smooth and leaves you with more of a caramelly flavour afterwards rather than during the eatings.  A great choice for if you want to change from a ‘standard’ fudge but not wander too far in flavour.

Salted Caramel – See above, but salted! I prefer this one to the plainer caramel flavour but I like salted sweet treats (popcorn/dark chocolate with sea salt). Very nice – out of the two I would go for this one.

The Kilted Fudge company have these and SO many more flavours on offer – I know I said this before but  honestly there are TONS. They really are tasty and the range is bizarrely vast! From Fruit Salad to Bubblegum or Vanilla Honeycomb….go and speak to the team and take your pick!

The price is £9 for 4 bars or £11 for 5 plus reasonable P&P.


I would love to see these fudges and the full range on Instagram (KFC are yet to have their own account)…filling the internet full of lush food photos is what it’s all about. So if you buy some and insta that shizzle (how could you not?!) please tag #kiltedfudgecompany

For the time being, if you’d like some more information on more or new flavours please contact the Kilted Fudge Company via their Facebook Page.

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Facebook: KFC Facebook

Insta: @kiltedfudgecompany

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