Cafe East – Roman Road, Bow

Sunday morning…well, afternoon…I like a lie in, don’t judge me! Not wanting to wander too far from home, I thought it was about time that I explored some local options.  In the last few months, Roman Road in Mile End/Bow has seen some great new additions – one of those is Cafe East. I’ve walked past a few times and today was the day I was to go in, after seeing some of their photos on Instagram.

The photos I’d seen were the breakfast pans and the pancakes, but I needed pancakes today.

When we arrived the place was pretty packed and luckily we were able to grab a setting for two, as part of a 4 person table.  It was kind of more of a community feel with the closeness of tables and personally  I don’t mind sharing with a few others. Note: Cafe East are cash only so make sure you’ve been to the cash machine down the road before getting seated.

We were sitting at our table for a bit without being asked for any drinks order and had to ask the staff to order, which was first met with a “what do you want?” (as if we were asking a strange thing, to be served in an eatery) then after we said again we want to order food both, our food and drink orders were taken.  Waiting for both, the service was again pretty slow but the place was rammed so it must be difficult to manage. There was a constant stream of people and a queue had formed outside when we were finishing up.

Anyway, when we could order, I went for the berry pancakes… the menu stated there would be 4, but there were only 3 on the plate.  They were also cold which I wasn’t expecting (so from this I assume they’re pre-made) and I’d prefer warm pancakes, but despite that they were delicious! Served with a mix of fruit (orange, grape, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries) they tasted really fresh, not too heavy and really good. The cream and maple syrup weren’t sickly or over the top and I didn’t feel like I needed to ask for more of either at any point … sometimes I need more maple syrup!

All standard pancake portions are priced no higher than £6.90 which is pretty reasonable and means you can get a coffee and main for about a tenner. Nice. For drinkies I had a soy latte and it was tastyness in a glass – no whinging here from me.

My fellow diner had the farmhouse pan which looked lush too..I did umm and ahh about getting one but the photo of pancakes won me over. The feedback on the farmhouse pan was “this was farmtastic”… ho ho ho. The black pudding was a great consistency (often can be dry), lovely bacon, the bubble was delightful.. nice and smooth. So a thumbs up there. I want to come back and try a pan myself.

The menu has tons more to offer inside including salads, pasta, random mains, sandwiches and desserts but today the breakfasts on the front grabbed us both. Once I’ve visited enough to satisfy my brunch needs I’ll open the menu and explore more. But this gal loves brunch.

Getting the bill took an age (we had to ask twice) and we heard a table over from us asking for their food as it had been a long time since they ordered. Considering the waiting people outside I’d think getting a bill to a table so we can get out and make way for customers would be a quick print and chuck down task. Cafe East has really great food and nice busy atmosphere, but the staff seem to struggle or maybe they need an extra pair of hands. Or maybe its management that needs improving. Whatever the reason, don’t go there if you are in a rush but if you have time to spare then go get yourself some awesome grub.

I am definitely going to be returning to Cafe East and will bring pals with me. The variety of breakfasts available is great and I am lucky to have this just down the road.  Worth a trip for sure.

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