Crispin E1, Fallow Restaurant Team Residency (7 Jan-7 March 2020) – Spitalfields, London

Howdy partners! A quickish post from me today to recommend a place I went to this week called Crispin, which is currently having a delicious 2 month chef residency from Jack Croft & Will Murray of Fallow.  I was lured into booking a table here because both chefs previously worked together at the Heston Blumenthal restaurant Dinner…. I was treated to a birthday meal there once and it was pretty fookin’ delicious so I knew this residency would be a right treat and I wasn’t wrong.

Will and Jack focus on British food and sustainable dining; making sure to use every part of the animal, in particular the bits that other kitchens would traditionally throw away. Huzzah! If you want to know more, it’s best to contact them directly (I’m writing this to share my experience rather than having received a press pack full of deets).  You can find the Fallow fellows at Crispin in Spitalfields between 7 Jan and 7 March 2020.

Everything we tried, we shared. And we did go for quite a bit! This is fancy food so none of the portions are hefty but they lack of physical size is well made up for in some solid, solid flavours. By the end of the meal we were full but not stuffed; a nice position to be in.

To start:

Bread with Netherend Farm butter – I’m afraid I have no idea what the bread was but it was warm, fluffy and a dream. The butter didn’t need salting and I could have eaten a whole loaf of this stuff. 3 slices per serving.

Burrata with Senia olive oil – Unghhhh this cheese was great. Super melty with a firm burstable case, the glorious chee went really nicely on the bread from the other starter and mingled superly with the oil it was paddling in.

Mains – served one by one in this order:

Salmon belly, monks beard, horseradish – You want a tender bit of fish with a subtle horseradish creamy sauce and some little veggie sprinkles? Eat this. Had no idea what monks beard was until this dish, and it’s the green stuff you see on top of the salmon there. The little belly of salmon fell apart so nicely and was super succulent and MOIST. Everything went brilliantly together.

Pork scrumpet, cider gel – So this was one croquette and at first glance you might think “hm, that’s not much for a sharer” but the flavour of the pork inside was so amazingly rich! Woooow. And it was served with a little bubble of cider gel (the word gel and a meal sounds weird but it was one tasty lotion) for dabbing and light but crunchy scratching sprinkles. This too had a creamy accompanying sauce but lord knows if I can remember what that was…it was delicious and again the mix of ingredients was perfect. That pork…to die for. Literally if you were the pig, but it was stupendous. Thank you piggy for your input.

Cow rump, white onion, beetroot – Sliced rump with a cooked half onion and beetroot gel (using that word again) lump. Gel lump doesn’t sound great but as you can see from the pic it looks a little like gelato, but it was more liquid and soft once sliced into.  The beef was really good, pre sliced so I think we had 3 slices each and none were duff (the end piece basically) and I’d say it was cooked medium rare.  We weren’t asked how we wanted it cooked when ordering, though I think if you questioned the chefs you’d be rightly escorted outside for a damned good thrashing. The dark ‘jus’ you see surrounding the cow rump was some sort of rich gravy and the only criticism we could find for this was that we needed some of that bread and butter to wipe the gravy from the plate after the main food had been gobbled up. We did do some finger dabbing at the end due to the sheer tastiness of the sauce, it’s a shame to waste even a drop!


Coffee ganache, pistachio crumble, coconut – (sorry for the poor photo we weren’t in a great light position and it was my last snap!) The ganache is rich, thick dark chocolate. So nice.  Again everything goes well together, freshness of the coconut, crispiness of the pistachio crumble and the smooth bitter dark chocolate. Lovely! A perfect amount too, with the richness of the chocco it could easily become too much but this was great.

Yorkshire rhubarb, white chocolate granola, yoghurt – This sounded weird and like breakfast, but it was’t at all like breakfast. Tender rhubarb sitting next to some creamy yoghurt gelato (?), all nestled on granola. Another texture combo but one you want in your body. The whole dish tasted fresh and very light. Thumbs up.

We attended the soft opening (which meant 50% off the food) so all of this (plus one minty fizz soft drink) inc service came to £46.41… what a bargain. The chefs put in a ton of effort with this pop up and the menu changes from week to week, so I highly recommend popping along and tasting it for yourselves.

The residency started on Tuesday 7/1/2020 and finishes on Saturday 7/3/2020 with the kitchen open from 6pm Tuesday-Saturday every week.

‍If you fancy getting yourself a table, click here for bookings!

I said this would be quick and it wasn’t. Sorry not sorry. Sharing is caring!

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