La ChiVa – Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks

Today we’re trying dried fruit snack packs from La ChiVa! – ‘Columbia’s second favourite export’

These are a healthy freeze dried fruit snack which you can eat on their own, sprinkle on your cereal or yogurt or possibly do other things I haven’t yet considered! I opted to try them on their own as ‘fruity crisps’ – and also because I had no cereal or yogurt in the cupboards.


We have three flavours to pick from – Strawberry, Mango and Pineapple – each pack counting as one of your five a day. Bonus! Because every little helps and I’m sure I never get my five. Naughty. Luckily for me I am going to try each flavour today as I am munching them on their own!

So as we’ve mentioned these are a healthy freeze dried fruit snack and you can tell they are actual fruits.  That may so
und silly, but lots of freeze dried foods end up as strips or chunks of the fruit they once were.

I went in for the Strawberry first. The taste is good, most pieces were quite strong in flavour but a few were a bit subtler than others – age of the fruit or ripeness when frozen maybe? This is a nice little snack but I did want more. The pack isn’t that full (7g pack size) but I guess if it was a handful of strawberries shrivelled up it wouldn’t look like that much. Probably better with the accompaniment than without!

Second up is Mango – bigger chunks, bigger fruit, yay. Despite not being the wp-1473234665949.jpgcraziest fan of mango, I like this better than the strawberry! The flavour is quite smooth. Fruity – duh. Yes this one feels a lot more satisfying (10g pack size) and so far is my favourite.

Lastly it comes to Pineapple – more popcorny in size  this time. Good flavour, quite sharp. Liked it! I think this one would definitely be good on a yogurt because of the size and I think it would mix in well. Another fuller packet (10g pack size) and would be ok as a light snack or just something to nibble on at your desk.

So my order of preference when it comes to the taste and amount in package is 1) Mango 2) Pineapple 3) Strawberry


To find out how to get your hands on these snacks, visit the La ChiVa website (below).  I think they are a good little snack to go with a breakfast or to beef up a yogurt with some added flavour. For snacking on their own I would recommend the mango, definitely.

It’s always nice to find products which are good for you and with no added sugars, fats or additives and Free from Gluten, Lactose, Dairy or Nuts these are an ideal healthy snack.

Forked by Stefpuff

Twitter/Insta: @LaChivaSnacks

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