B Factory – Naples, Italy

I love meat. This is well known about me and Naples is very full of fish and pizza but I want my meat injection – wahey – from this city too.  There are a few steak restaurants around, none are in the centre of Naples but I found one on the sea front.

Sea front restaurant about a 30min walk from the historical district. Easy to find if you walk straight down the Toledo (main shopping road, so I hear) then curve with the shoreline to the right. Or just Google maps it.

We arrived around half 7 after a day wandering around Pompeii and a clamber up Vesuvius, very hungry! We’d had pizza a lot since arriving and needed solid meat, and there doesn’t seem like there a much of it in Naples. But we did find this place and it’s ranked in the 30s out of all the restaurants in Naples on Trip Advisor.

At this time the place had been open for about an hour but mainland Europeans don’t tend to eat dinner until later so we had the restaurant to ourselves. The waiter was pretty casual and didn’t rush us to order which was nice and he also saw us struggling like stupid English people so offered an English menu without being asked. For some reason we were given a complimentary glass of prosecco (tasted like it anyway, random bubbles… I’m not a connoisseur there)!

We couldn’t resist having a starter because the menu was pretty lush. The appetiser of filet tartare was b-e-a-utiful. Chunks of filet steak presented on a slice of lemon  with an egg yolk in a separate dish to either add or leave as you wished. The meat had been seasoned and drizzled with lemon and it was just so soft and fresh tasting I literally can’t even.

For mains we had Bistecca alla Fiorentine  which came with the side of the day.. today happened to be grilled courgette slices and potato nuggets, fried potatoes I think. They were crispy outside and light in the middle, a little salty too which was perfect. The courgette was nice but nowt to write home about. Maybe the token veg in amongst the carbs and meat?

Getting down to business; the meat was the centrepiece here. It was pretty massive and came whole so gave me a chance to butcher chunks off myself… good fun. I love having a slice around with my food. We asked for this to be cooked rare and with a steak of this size we were able to try several different flavours of beef all in one go. Every one was fantastic! The deeper richer beef nearer the top of the t bone and lighter meat at the bottom. It had le herbs on it. We finished it all to the max and I picked at the bone afterwards. Mmmm…

We went for a shared dessert of Foresta (chocolate) ice cream from a place called Gay Odin. We’d seen a few of these around so thought we’d give it a shot. I’m glad we did. It was kind of like a brownie mixed with ice cream.. cold but not super melty and thick tasting. It came with whipped cream and was a nice little finisher. I don’t think I’d have wanted one to myself though.

The music was fun…different kind of whisperry versions of well known songs by a female vocalist… We had Off the Wall, Hung Up, to name a couple It was chilled out anyway.

We finished up around half 9 and somehow there were still no other customers… weird. The waiter was still good being relaxed but perhaps too much…we could hear him playing videos on his phone and wasn’t very quick at offering the dessert menu, clearing the dessert plate or bringing the bill. We didn’t have anywhere else to rush to but as the only customers perhaps these things should have been dealt with quicker.

We received 30% off because we booked through the Trip Advisor website so I’d recommend giving that a crack if you fancy visiting B-Factory – the whole meal for two came to 85.50Eur.  Despite the slowness though, it was a really great meal and I’d recommend the restaurant for meat lovers coming to Naples who may at times feel lost in a sea of pizza.

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Instagram: @B_factory

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