Ghostbusters 2016 – Waterloo, London

A backdated post for you! I loved this so needed to feature it – sorry if you missed out and well done for catching it if you were ‘on it’ last year!

In 2016, Forbidden Planet and Sony Pictures UK teamed up for the launch of the 2016 Ghostbusters and transformed London’s Waterloo station with a fabulous ghostly, slimy, marshmallowy PR stunt.

We saw Ghostbusters 2016 trailers played on big screens, Slimer’s green ectoplasm trickle down the security camera fittings, goop marks on the floor, a number to call (because, who you gonna call?), a Forbidden Planet mini-merch booth disguised as a New York metro station and the pièce de résistance was the beloved Stay Puft (Ghostbusters 1 if you haven’t seen it – and if you haven’t seen it then WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!) emerging from the floor!

Now all of this gloriousness combined makes a great photo opportunity and snappers were encouraged to use the tag #GhostbustersWaterloo when sharing their pics. I love this kind of thing and Ghostbusters are close to my heart so I had to get down there and see it for myself. Here’s some evidence for you:

I love the Puft here, on tshirts, toys, anywhere and when I saw the 2016 film I was pleasantly surprised and even liked his wee balloon parade cameo. The originals are treasures for me, even the second which some have mixed feelings about and so when I saw a reboot/remake/whatever I was a bit reserved. It got totally bashed by large numbers of people for a number of reasons 1)Women can’t be Ghostbusters   2)There should be no reboot, end of    3)Paul Fieg being involved   4)Women can’t be Ghostbusters. I know, many didn’t see the female Ghostbuster thing as their main issue, but for a chunk of the population (mainly men, but I know “not all men”) it really was a problem and that was evidenced on social media comments on all platforms…this was met by HUGE eye roll GIFs by me and many others. Personally did I think GB needed more than the original 2? No. But are women a problem? No. Did I kick off and make judgements? No.

Seeing the film myself and having separated it completely in my mind from the originals, I actually had a good time watching this thang! Holtzmann is a complete babe and I swooned at her style, being an oddball and…well, everything! I even bought a Holtzmann shirt a month or so later. Some of the comedy wasn’t for me but overall it was entertaining, made me giggle, had some nice nods to the originals and the CGI didn’t make me want to vom (I hate bad CGI and the trailers made me a tad worried). I liked it. We own the Blu-Ray and I did want a sequel to give it more of a chance. Don’t judge a film before you see it.

Anyway, back to the point. Waterloo was a real treat to see stuffed with this sort of advertising and I hope similar is carried out for films in 2017. My inner and outer nerd needs to see some more of my favourite things in large scale and in person! Alien would have been good, but that’s too late now…Godzilla? I don’t know. Your suggestions in the comments are more than welcomed!

Ta ta for now.

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