Starbucks – Unicorn Frappuccino

So if you’re part of the internet I can guarantee you’ve seen the Unicorn Frappuccino, a limited edition drink handed to us by Starbucks. It’s only available in America and it’s just fortunate basic bitch timing for me that, as a Londoner, I’m in San Francisco for the 4 days it’s available.

Apart from being perfect Instagram fodder, what is this drink? We’ve seen articles about how much the baristas hate it, how it tastes awful and how your teeth will fall out as soon as they come within a meter of this sparkly beverage. So I had to get one!

During my trip I tried three Starbucks locations for this drink as the crazy was widespread and many had sold out on the first day. I got mine at the Powell Sutter store on a walk back to my hotel. I asked if they had the drink fully expecting  (from what I’d  read online) the staff to spit in my face or something but they were lovely and confirmed there were enough magical ingredients to last them until I got to the front of the line.

This little cup of joy was priced at $4.95 for a grande (medium) which is a standard price for any of ‘bucks special drinks. And it’s a one off so it’s not like I’d spend that much every day to sate my unicorn lust…so I’m happy.

I have it! I have the drink! What does it taste like? Well, fruity! It’s quite creamy, light taste of mango…pleasant enough. The blue sauce you see seems to be sour apple, but you don’t get it through the straw that often and it makes the drink more interesting, I think! Now those top sprinkles… they’re the sour part! It’s like deceptive pretty dust that should be sweet but instead makes me react like one of those babies in the baby-eating-lemon videos. Personally I like that, it’s not offensive but I didn’t expect that at all! A warning in case you take a bite out of the top whipped cream bit before drinking down. There has to be a video somewhere of someone drinking a pot of pure sprinkles. Come on, internet!

A little walk past Starbucks, a chap shouted “sick unicorn!” at me to which I raised my cuppy high in appreciation, assuming the use of sick was positive. I’m so down with the kids, yo. The gentleman was correct. It is “sick”.

Anyway my verdict is yes. I do like the Unicorn Frappuccino. My basic bitch linked Starbucks and Instagram needs are both satisfied and the drink isn’t half bad at all. Apparently it contains 15tsp of sugar but I figure if you’re not purely living on this and your diet isn’t horrendous then one of these isn’t going to kill you. And I for one definitely need the sugar to walk up and down all these San Francisco hills!

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