What Katie Did – Glamour Nouveau Merry Widow in Peach

Hello hello, good day to you readers! I haven’t posted a great deal about my photoshoot life under the name Stephanie Jay but I’m starting to do shoots more again this year, so expect posts about clothing and lingerie coming your way!

To get the ball rolling, I’m whipping up a little post today about a shoot I had in Lasssssssssss Vegas wearing some lush What Katie Did shapewear and stockings! They’re a brand I’ve loved for a long time so I’m sharing the feels with you. So, where was I?

Las Vegas! That’s right… I was fortunate enough to wear the Merry Widow Glamour Nouveau from the legendary What Katie Did at an April photoshoot I did in Las Vegas with the simply glorious Frank Lam Photography (a wonderful human who I am so glad to have met!) so thought I’d show you a little of what we did! I don’t wear light coloured lingerie too often because I’m so pale but actually I found it makes my hair and tattoos pop nicely, so I’ll definitely repeat the pale on pale in future.

As I mentioned this is the Merry Widow Glamour Nouveau piece of shapewear in the peach colourway which comes up shorter on the hips than its longer sister, the Glamour Nouveau Corselette. The six suspender straps are detachable meaning you can even wear this bad boy with trousers if you just need a little cinch on the waist but aren’t planning on wearing stockings. For even more versatility the bra straps are removable, you can see I don’t have them on here, and it’s very supportive.

For me this did cinch me in but I think I need the size up to wear it for longer than a photoshoot, my boobahs were a bit too big to fit in the cups which meant they so came together in the middle of the bra to create cleave rather than staying in their respective cup homes but it wasn’t anything major. The boning and power mesh did their jobs and didn’t bow anywhere, the waistband section was especially cinching!

Here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ photos wearing this item with some WKD Latte Glamour Seamed Stockings and their matching Peach Harlow Nouveau Knickers. Enjoy!

Worn by Stefpuff (find my modelling work HERE)


Click here to check out the Merry Widow!

Twitter/Instagram: @whatkatiediduk

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