Sushi Gourmet – Fancy Fish!

Are you allergic to fish? If so, probably don’t read this. Or do! Here we have Sushi Gourmet who, as you may be able to guess, are a sushi hub. They do also serve up non fishy treats (such as the chicken gyoza I’ve sampled or perhap teppanyaki) which is where the above “or do” applies. Anyhoo, Sushi Gourmet just opened their first UK sushi kiosk in the Sainsbury’s Nine Elms store! Yay!

The low-down on Sushi Gourmet is they are offering customers a brand new food buying experience, with sushi chefs hand making the products in front of their very eyes. SG only use ingredients from hand picked suppliers but with all this they’re also price concious to let you chow down on quality sushi without breaking the bank. J’adore.

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Dr Oetker – New Gluten Free Pizza Range

Last week we attended the launch of Dr Oetker’s Gluten Free pizza range to sample some bits and report back on what we thought of the GF options.  As a gluten-loving woman I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have an open mind and stomach.

Knowing that Coeliac disease (sensitivity to gluten) impacts 1 in 100 people in the UK brings a big reason for companies such as Dr Oetker to introduce a gluten-free option for their customers. Because everyone loves a bit of pizza, right? So why not give us all a good option?

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Aloe aloe, Simplee Aloe!

Oh my gosh! If you hadn’t noticed, the South of England is going through a ‘heatwave’ (yes, hotter places we know you are hotter but we are the feeble English so for us 28c is a heatwave) in September. Apparently yesterday was the hottest day in September on record since 1911. Don’t say we never teach you important things here at FMPH.

Anyway, I got home after tubing and training for my commute and thought “thank the lord Jebus above I put one of my Simplee Aloe drinks in the fridge yesterday”. Honestly. I’m not even making it up for the review. And here I am drinking the thing.

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