Orangina for Summer 2017

“Is Summer over?” is the question the UK has been asking since…well… February nearly! However we do still get the odd sunny day and Orangina has you sorted for when the sun is out, or if you want to imagine a bit of Summer is with you.

Their 2017 bottle range is super cute featuring two beach outfits for their bottles. I even have a bit of outfit envy from these babes. How is that possible? They’re bottles, ffs!

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Chicken Bar – Port Olimpic, Barcelona

A very good afternoon to you all! I’ve just got back from a weekend away in Barcelona with a fabulous group of women and thought I would write a post about one of the places we ate while we were there.

We’d just finished a really relaxing cruise on a BBQ catamaran and needed some nibbles and cocktails before we headed back to our apartment. Conveniently placed at the end of the pier was Chicken Bar.  We’d seen the menu online and were lured in by the cheap cocktails and the menu looked pretty safe.

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Aloe aloe, Simplee Aloe!

Oh my gosh! If you hadn’t noticed, the South of England is going through a ‘heatwave’ (yes, hotter places we know you are hotter but we are the feeble English so for us 28c is a heatwave) in September. Apparently yesterday was the hottest day in September on record since 1911. Don’t say we never teach you important things here at FMPH.

Anyway, I got home after tubing and training for my commute and thought “thank the lord Jebus above I put one of my Simplee Aloe drinks in the fridge yesterday”. Honestly. I’m not even making it up for the review. And here I am drinking the thing.

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