London stands with Ukraine

Today I attended the march and vigil for Ukraine in London, starting from Marble Arch and walking down to Trafalgar Square.

I received the below wording by email this evening and thought it’d be beneficial to post here. I’ve also uploaded some of my photos from today. Please check it all out and support Ukraine how you can!

UK for Ukraine march and rally in London: Organisers hail 150,000+ turnout for historic act of solidarity

More than 150,000 people from across the UK marched through London today in what organisers have hailed as ‘one of the greatest and most historic acts of solidarity’.

The event, organised by the European Movement and Mayor of London, gained momentum after Ukrainian President Zelensky appealed to people across the world to take to the streets.

A Spokesperson for the European Movement said:

“We are humbled and moved by the incredible turnout today. With more than 150,000 people turning out, there can be no doubt that this is one of the greatest protests this country has ever seen.”

Anna Bird, CEO of the European Movement, said:

“It’s easy for opponents of peace to say that Putin doesn’t care about what’s happening here today or that he isn’t listening. But the world is watching. The people of Ukraine are listening and looking for hope. They need to know we’re on their side.

I am certain of this: The only route to a peaceful future is one where we unite with our neighbours in Europe and around the world.

Today, we told the world that Ukraine is with us, and we are with them. Today and each day until Ukraine prevails.”

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