Vanta hot sauce from Chilli Olly via The Sauce Shed

Ello! How’s it going? Rhetorical perhaps as we’re not actually having a conversation right now… Or are we? Feel free to tell me how you are in the comments! Anyway, today I’m telling ye about Vanta sauce from Chilli Olly, kindly sent to me by The Sauce Shed.

Firstly from appearances this is a very delightful bottle and it warms my emo heart with the pure black and white appearance of the bottle and branding. Could easily whack the design on a shirt and sell a few I reckon. Kinda like a band name or something!

I tried my Vanta with some Uncle G’s buttermilk chicken purchased from Street Eats Underbelly which has been camped in Victoria Park for August. They offered me sauce but I said “no…I have special sauce based plans (oh my)” ….I then happily carried my chicken and chips home and, after a lengthy bottle shake, poured out a fairly large amount ready for dipping. Bit scared of the accidental gush considering hot sauces can be a bit bonkers but thought hey, let’s dive right in!

My first impression was the smell which seemed quite vinegarry, which was also reflected in the taste but not in an overwhelming or bad way. The sauce had quite a fruity flavour and I was pleasantly surprised, what with being slightly fearful of spicy sauces and this having a 6% naga content! Fortunately this one has almost no spice and I happily dipped my chicken and chips right in the sauce without having to be worried about over applying in case the inside of my mouth burns off. Not a drop of sauce was left from the initial over-pour gush! There’s a slightly peppery hint to it but nothing over the top. Overall Vanta is mild and pretty light, considering the black appearance of the sauce… which I love (thanks to that ingredient of 1% activated charcoal).

Emo sauce is a winner 😁 maybe its the Davey Havok of sauces? Or am I just saying this as I listen to some old AFI? A black sauce does seem strange on food, I guess like the green ketchup Heinz put out for a while… I’d encourage more “weird” colour sauces!

I’ll totally use this sauce again. If you want some kick then this isn’t for you, but I’m happy with it and would encourage you to give it a crack anyway. Do it for your inner emo/goth, if anything.

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