Malachite Candles – Soy wax vegan candles from Bristol

Hello welcome, welcome! It’s Small Business Sunday (is that a thing? Should we make it a thing?) and I’m sharing some love for the newly sprouted Malachite Candles! Malachite are the new kids on the block in the vegan candle world and they’ve launched with a bang! I am very much a habitual candle sniffer so when these bad bois came out I was super excited!

These candles are handmade in Bristol (UK) by the lovely Hannah here, and are 100% soy and vegan – hurrah! Hannah is a total champ of a person; stylish, talented, a trained archaeologist, lover of ales (stay tuned for me posting some of her videos from The Handmaid’s Ale on here) and completely babely.

Hannah makes a whole array of scents for her rather quickly growing candle collection, available to us in either 200ml or 400ml sizes ‘served’ in cute jars and glasses. The recipes are ever evolving and you’re bound to find something new cooking up in the candle kitchen!

The available flavours/scents at the moment are:

  • Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • Coconut & Lime
  • Sea Spray
  • Rhubarb & Plum
  • Rhubarb Crumble
  • Mimosa


I’m the lucky owner of the Sea Spray and Rhubarb & Plum 200ml candles and not only are they super cute (love those labels, so insta-fabulous), they give your room an instant boost with a subtle fragrance even before they start burning. I’ve happily had these sitting just sharing the smell love for a couple of weeks, the Sea Spray in my kitchen and the Rhubarb & Plum in my front room.

The Sea Spray is more of a fresh ‘savoury’ refreshing scent and of course the Rhubarb & Plum is a sweeter and almost edible waft (must. resist. eating. candles). Maybe wake up with the Sea Spray and spend a cosy evening in with your Rhubarb & Plum? Both are great so it’s nice to have the variety! Can’t wait to try some more especially as we head into the colder UK months. Love a candle, me!

Check out Malachite using the links below and perk up your home or workspace with some soy wax goodness. Would be great as a gift even if there’s no birthday etc coming up just to let someone you love know you care about them. Treat yo’self or others and support a budding small business today ❤️

Basic bitched by Stefpuff

Instagram/Twitter: @malachitecandles

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