Every Thursday at 8pm : COVID-19 #clapforourcarers

Ahoy everyone, I hope you’re doing well despite the current strange circumstances and are doing your part by staying at home to save lives, curbing the spread of coronavirus in the UK.

You may have seen in the news/on social media that during the various COVID-19 lockdown periods there have been bursts of applause happening in multiple countries to show thanks to front line workers while the majority of people are locked down in their homes. This is now coming to the UK, starting tonight at 8pm on Thursday 26 March 2020!

Hopefully this will bring a smile to some faces and show thanks to the essential workers around the country – you can clap from your front door, open a window or use a balcony or garden if you have one! They very much deserve our gratitude.

Please take a look at www.clapforourcarers.co.uk and the image below for more details! To spread awareness of this positive initiative it’s encouraged that you stream/upload your applause onto social media (if you use it) and use the hashtag #clapforourcarers.

The first clap happened on 26 March but it’s every week so please show your gratitude!

Please keep doing your part and stay at home unless absolutely essential, even if you can’t join in with the applause later this evening! Please share this with your friends and family so we can make this display of thanks a big one!

Big love, take care and stay safe,


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