Indigo’s Hive – Cambridge Heath, London

Hello from me to thee on a rainy Sunday in London Town – this morning I am writing about a cute little cafe/restaurant called Indigo’s Hive just up from Bethnal Green towards Cambridge Heath. If you’ve seen anything of this place before it’ll probably be their lattes! If you like a solid but creative brunch, then read on!


Indigo’s Hive isn’t immediately obvious to find from the road, it’s tucked in a fenced area and you could easily miss it! But what a shame that would be. The insides are cute and rustic with lots of different types of tables seating probably a max of 30 people. The cafe is under cover in a kind of ‘lean to’ attached to the front of a hairdressers. Sounds weird but go and check it out. It’s right by a bus stop too which is handy for me, being only a bus away from my flat.

Rather than being part of a large building, this place is kind of split into two, one half appearing more outside with lots of plants around and the other more wooden and inside feeling… However, neither are open air but there are a few tables outside, but they’re not too functional during a UK Winter. Fairy lights are always a winner IMHO and these are scattered about the place; a simple but effective touch. There’s a nice ‘vibe’ (that word makes me cringe a bit but it’s appropriate), music played at a decent level, loud enough to be pleasant and be nowhere near drowning out chat.

The food

The menu when you’re handed it doesn’t seem to fit the aesthetic presented on Instagram but don’t worry too much about that. Just wait until you see what’s presented when the food is delivered! Side note: I do think IH would benefit from a more aesthetically pleasing menu but it’s obviously not hindering their business!

Today we ordered this array of goodies:

Onyx latte – A black tea latte to please your gothy side. In taste it’s sweet and very warming. A little similar in taste to coconut naan bread, strangely, but is very nice! Both this and the next latte were made with oat milk, so there are dairy alternatives available for those who want/need them.

Sweet potato latte – Is there potato in this? Who knows, it’s purple though! A very thick kind of think, like a smoothie, and slightly floral in taste but also warming. I feel like the whole latte range is going to be pretty tasty and the ‘warming’ effect both of these have was extra present on a rainy Sunday.

Cheesy zucchini and aubergine – A veggie brekky option! IH are very vegetarian friendly – bonus for a lot of you out there! This was super nice. They don’t scrimp on the cheese and you get a ton of veggies under the cheesy duvet of glory. I popped a soft egg on the top because you can’t lose with a soft egg and it was cooked perfectly! You get a spinach and pomegranate salad on the side automatically without requesting it, which is drizzled with olive oil and balsamic. Yum.

Scrambled eggs with added smoked salmon – The report back on this one from my boyfriend who can actually use long words was…. “very good”. You get a lot of egg on that there toast, and the egg to salmon ratio is great. Again this was a dish where they give you a full serving. The egg was sprinkled with chili powder making it perfectly warming without being spicy. 

Both dishes are a bargain at £5.45 for the cheesy wonder and £4.55 for the scramble.  It’s extra to add the egg and salmon; the soft egg is £1.25 but unfortunately I didn’t note the price for the extra salmon! Soz!

I visited before returning to write this review and had the Avo Rose and Beet Hummus (£6.95) which was brilliant, a true delight, and I opted to add a soft egg to mine for the £1.25 extra. Swoon. I posted a snap on Instagram which seemed to draw the eye of many a blogger who all seemed to enjoy the dish themselves when they then visited to try it too. 

As you can probs tell I really like this place and I’m hashtag blessed that it’s so close to me. If you aren’t in East London it’s certainly worth the trip.

Forever raining in London? Can’t be bothered to leave your house? They also deliver via Just Eat! Click here to see!

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Instagram: @indigoshive

Disclaimer: I was invited down to Indigo’s Hive but was not lured to leave a favourable review – so these are all my own genuine opinions.

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