Second Shot coffee – Bethnal Green, London

Hello there, I wanted to share a recent discovery with you… I got a take out coffee from Second Shot as I have a few times before getting my nails done down the road at Hollywood Star Nails. I hadn’t booked, this time I had a wait for someone to be free to fix my hands up real nice so I popped back to Second Shot and sat inside for 45minutes or so.

I knew this place helped the homeless somehow and had a pay it forward system but I wasn’t really sure how it worked. While I sat there I witnessed a bundle of homeless people come in at around 4.30pm and queue up for free coffee. At closing time homeless people queued up again and Second Shot handed out the pastries and savouries they had left.

I scrolled through my phone finding out about this pay it forward scheme and it’s such a wholesome and solid idea, I felt really grateful for what I have just sitting there so once everyone had cleared out I donated money to buy two meals for people tomorrow. I got to draw two food items on the board which represent the meals I purchased , which will get wiped off when people claim the food tomorrow.

From speaking to Sam (one of the baristas) before I left, they also work with the homeless and from what I gather employ people for six months or so.. enough to be sure that they can work and are on their feet. It’s such a nice thing to do and see, so I thought I’d give them a little shout out in my nugget sized piece of the world.

The coffee is also lush, so next time you’re in a Second Shot neighbourhood (Bethnal Green or Edgware Road) pop in, grab some food/drink and pay it forward if you can. You can also pay it forward online if you’d like to help but can’t make it to a location; check out the website link below!

Big love guys, big love. Keep up the great and generous work.

Forked by Stefpuff

Instagram: @secondshotcoffee

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