AnySharp Twist, Knife Sharpener

Howdy hi fellow forkers! Fortunately my wit couldn’t be any sharper…but this isn’t about my delicious mind-stash of puns today. No, let’s talk KNIVES.

We’ve got maybe one proper knife and most of the rest came with a knife block we got….well…. I can’t remember how long ago! I was approached to review a knife sharpener and I thought I could actually do with one of those to sort out our ageing collection of blades. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaades. So I was kindly sent this knife sharpener, the AnySharp Twist, to take a peek at!

As you may have noticed from my site, I’m more of an eater than a cooker.  We do cook a bit at home but a have become lazy in the last few years and stopped cooking fresh and more relying on bung in the oven type food to go with some veg or salad for most evenings. That, or a stir fry with a packet of pre cut veggies. I know my way around a chopping board but probably like most norms I just chop  wash and put my knives back in the drawer/block and carry on that cycle for a decade or more then eventually decide the knifes are duff and chuck them away (in a knife bin, obvs). A sharpener! Magical! Let’s try.


This is a tiddly little knife sharpener which I can say suits me mighty fine what with living in London and having a tiddler of a kitchen I appreciate anything that isn’t bulky to add to my clutter and fill up my limited storage space. It’s cute. I admit I haven’t seen many knife sharpeners before, only sharpening blocks really, so I did like the way this one looked. It comes in black, cream or red so it’d match most kitchen decor if you’re particular about that sort of thang.

Functionality wise, this is called the AnySharp Twist for a reason… it has a ‘PowerGrip’ suction cup (hahah suction cup makes me chuckle, my school pals will know) and all you have to do to secure the sharpener is pop it on any hard smooth surface, press down a little and twist! This creates a little vacuum and keeps the sharpener still on the work surface to let you sharpen away hands-free.


I’ve given it  a crack and I found it to be very quick and easy to use, needing only 3-6 slowish swipes from the back of the blade to the tip to make a difference. I did a little test chopping through a sweet potato (hefty veg) but then my phone, and all the content on it, got nicked and you just can’t reproduce something as magical as that. I tested this on knives of different sizes and types; for me it’s better at sharpening straight blades/chef knives but it does work  on serrated knifes too…. as you can see, I’m just rubbish at doing those (applying too much pressure) and to be honest I don’t use them much anyway so who gives a fig? Not I. Fortunately for me there is no skill required in using this thing on a standard knife blade. Huzzah!

I found this handy and am definitely keeping it stashed away; it isn’t bad at all to pick up for £9.99. I must put it out there that I haven’t been paid for a positive review, I genuinely thought this was a useful product and not something I’d really thought about before! If you’re in need you can get yours by clicking HERE.

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