Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll

Awwite gang. Now that the ‘controversial’ and highly debated vegan sausage roll is available nationwide at Greggs stores I had the opportunity to review one (as a non-vegan) and let you know what I think. Because the world needs my opinion, I’m sure.

So initially this creation was only available at select locations so I did go and ask for one in January and was turned away like Mary trying to find an Airbnb in Bethlehem and I just happened to be passing a Greggs today and chanced it. Hark the herald angels sing, there were 3 sausage rolls ready to go! I only ordered one because come on now, I’m not that crazy. The mighty cost was £1, which is 5p more than the ‘standard’ meaty sausage roll brother from another mother. No problem paying the extra 5p there.

I leave the shop. Take a photo (durrr) and my first bite… not knowing what to expect at all…. was… delicious. I am a fan of the meat sausage roll and around 6/7 years ago I’d eat them pretty regularly so don’t go thinking I’m some amateur wading in with innocent taste buds here. But this was good. It still tasted herby/well seasoned, the pastry was the same and  luckily the one I bought was warm; warmth always makes things better in the sausage roll world. I am so happy to say it was no less flavoursome than the original offering. If I had to pick at this the only difference I could tell was that the texture was slightly more ‘paste-like’ but really it was hardly noticeable. I am so impressed. SO IMPRESSED.

I think I will genuinely be trading my meat rolls for vegan ones from now on. I am not a vegan and if you aren’t either there’s no need to get defensive about the meat version – CALM DOWN. It’s still tasty. But if you can get the same taste and vegan it up…. why not hey? Do a bit of good. I’ll leave some comparisons below for you in case you need a couple more reasons to give one a go, the only thing I can see that the vegan version is *worse* in is salt by 0.2g and sugars by 0.8g, but please try it! Bear in mind that the snack still isn’t healthy and you do have to make healthy choices in both meaty and vegan diets, but if you want a greasy snack then there’s no reason to not have one of these.

Meat Sausage Roll Vegan Sausage Roll
Calories 327 311
Fat/Saturated Fat 22g/13g 19g/9.3g
Carbs 24g 21g
Protein 9.4g 12g

Impressed. Mucho impressed. High 5, Greggington!

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