Beats Burger – Marrakech, Morocco

Hello! Where in the world is Stefpuff Sandiego?! As you may have guessed from the title, I’m in Africa, Marrakech to be precise! Naturally in Morocco one eats a ton of tagine, but this post is about a burger joint called Beats Burger.

Finding the location was interesting and we thought it had been closed when we got to the address, but when we trotted round the corner and saw a relatively modern looking place with a downstairs area plus a steep iron staircase winding up to a roof terrace. Living in England, being able to use a roof terrace is a rare thing so we headed up and joyously there was some shade for pale-o types such as myself. Check out the lovely view!

The menu (scroll to the bottom of this post for a full view of the burger list) is nice, varied and music based with kind of punny names although some of the puns are a stretch. I ordered a Let It Beat and a banana milkshake. The milkshake was served quickly and I’m so pleased to say it was pretty gosh darned tastilicious – thick and like it was made of actual banana rather than fake syrup flavouring. Noice.

Burger time! The Let It Beat lured me particularly as rather than one full size burger, you get two mini burgers: a steak patty cheeseburger in one and a fried chicken piece in the second. I thought it’d be nice to be able to try both and it might possibly end up being a slightly lighter meal when compared with one bigger burger.

Both burgers were pretty nice but my preference leans towards the beef. The chicken was actual chicken rather than some mushed up and reformed stuff so that was appreciated, although I do love a nugget. Basic salad included in both is lettuce, onion and tomato, all of which I have no problem with . I’m sure you could customise a little if, say, tomatoes particularly offend you. Beats are sauce flexible in that you get to pick a sauce for each burger. Initially this gave me THE FEAR…what if I got it wrong?! I didn’t want to chance it so I had harissa mayo with the beef and aioli with the chicken… mmm aioli. As I said, both burgers were good, the beef could have done with being a bit rarer but that’s my preference. Tasty. Nothing crazily memorable but nothing wrong either.  The chips were good, soft but not soggy…  overall this was a pretty good feeding session and I would go back, it gave us a nice break from a world of tagines and couscous.

The total cost for a meal covering two people was approx 260 dhiram (as of December 2018 it’s about 8 quid per 100 dhiram) which is fairly reasonable.

Forked by Stefpuff

Location: 35 Souk Jeld Kimakine – Médina – Marrakech

Beats Burger Facebook Page

Twitter/Instagram: @beatsburgermarrakech

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