Hiland Cafe – Roman Road, Bow

Who dat? Oh it’s you! I’ve needed to put a post up about this place for a while really, but procrastination is a hobby of mine so there we go and here we are. I live in Bow and regularly visit Hiland Cafe, down the road from me. It’s probably the place I go to the most for brunch actually and that’s why I need to recommend it to you all.

So today I go with my usual: Poached eggs and avocado on ciabatta. It costs £7.50 and I can’t get enough of it! The two eggs are always spot on and the avocado is chunky, seasoned nicely with chili flakes/seeds and there’s always a lot of it. It makes me hesitant to order the millennial fave of avocado toast from other places before I see a photo of it, just in case they scrimp on the servings, but there is no worry of that at Hiland. They usually drop a bit of spring onion on the top too. Lush.

Another on the menu today is scrambled egg with smoked salmon, served on a sweet plait bread. It looked pretty but the bread’s sweetness worked very well against the smokiness of the salmon. The whole dish was perfectly seasoned and we didn’t have to add any salt or pepper . We’ve had this a few times before and every time it is bang on, consistency is high at Hiland!

I usually go for a latte here (which is very nice) but today my choice was a mango punch smoothie. Banana, mango, strawberries, orange and apple. It was a bloody delight. Served in a mason jar too. Hipster swoon.

‘Vibe’ wise it’s peaceful and I really like the decor. The front of the cafe has table and bench seating along with some padded chairs, and there’s a split off back section with sofas and board games. It’s a pretty looking place; the wooden tables, bits of exposed brickwork and some art on the wall with everything being cleaned efficiently by the friendly staff. Today we had some relaxed jazz music playing over the speakers and the soft lighting makes it a very inviting place to spend time in.

It’s definitely a regular for me and highly recommended – it’s across the way from Cafe East which I need to revisit, so if you find yourself in the area and don’t fancy a queue or the cramped atmosphere of the popular Cafe East then definitely drop into Hiland. This little joyous space definitely deserves more lovin’.

I can’t wait to try their Asian menu on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week!

Total bill for two for two dishes and 2 smoothies: £20.90

Forked by Stefpuff


Instagram: @hilandlondon

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