Violets In May – Geva Dress

Today I’m reviewing the Geva dress by one of my favourite brands, Violets In May. They are self described as making figure-loving vintage inspired threads for pin up dolls, rockabilly bad girls and mid-century mamas! I own a lot of Violets in May pieces so you’ll see this name cropping up on FMPH more and more, as a brand I am pleased to endorse.

Who are they then? Owned by bosslady Lola Diamond, ViM are a UK based (Reading, to be precise) clothing brand. What do I like about them so much? Well a

part from Lola being a reet doll and a good friend, the clothes are genuinely brilliant. She sources so many different fabrics (a lot from Hawaii) and most of her clothes are limited runs in each print. Every design is thought of by Lola, some adapted from vintage patterns and made her own, and each item is hand made with love (and maybe a bit of swearing depending if the sewing machines are behaving).

Inspired by 1940’s glamour through to cheeky 1950’s pin-up, the amazing array of fabrics available ranges from atomic and novelty prints, glitzy Lurex and animal print, through to authentic Hawaiian designs. Personally I love bright colours and patterns so Lola’s fabrics are pretty dreamy!

Today though I am focusing on this dress, the Geva in blue. I do love me some blue. This is a really cute dress with what I think is a great neckline. I am a bra-lover…well, they’re needed for me really, but with this dress and the cross halterneck fastening I don’t need to wear one! Say whaaaat?!

I’ve seen some gals in this neck design of Lola’s wearing the straps uncrossed, which looks nifty still, but the true design is to have them wrapped round as pictured. The two front parts fasten at the back with a T bar detail, all being combined and brought together by one solid wooden button.

This fastens with a side zip and is pretty gosh darned easy to put on, even on your own because you can just do one strap at a time. The gathered skirt is made as standard to a 24″ length but is open to negotiation as Violets In May often make custom fit designs, just drop a note to them to enquire about what you need and remember to be honest about your

measurements! Sometimes I find people like to take an inch or two off, but when having outfits made just be true to yourself or you’ll end up with a beautiful garment which doesn’t quite fit you… tragedy! Saying that, Lola has a standard UK size chart with measurements listed for each sizing so make sure to pay attention to what you are ordering. As I said, these are made by hand so it’s not the case of if you get it wrong another is ready to go to send out to you – all the cutting and stitching needs to happen from scratch.

This particular fabric is polycotton, sourced all the way from Hawaii. I am in love with it! I am a fan of blues against my rouge hair and the border print, I think, is to die for. I also love a big gathered skirt so when I eat a lot I my food baby is hidden in the skirt pouffes! I’ve worn this to a wedding which included a hefty buffet (and I go to town with a buffet) and the dress kept me in place post-food. Perfect! This dress shape is so flattering!

How much is this design? £90 plus shipping (worldwide). You can get it by clicking HERE. if you’re a high street shopper or are unfamiliar with vintage designs, this may seem like more than the £40-£50 or so price tag you may pay getting something from New Look, for example. However, these dresses are special, limited designs, hand made and very high quality. You’re supporting a small business and these really are unique pieces.

I am so pleased to know Lola and wearing her clothes is a pure pleasure. If you don’t own an item from Violets in May then you need to check yo’self! Go get one today! If you subscribe to the newsletter you will be given a heads up on new designs and discount codes, so that’s well worth a look too, just scroll down on the website homepage and drop in your details.


Worn by Stefpuff

Geva dress:

Instagram: @violetsinmay

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