Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine – Pin Up Special Edition 2018

The June/July 2018 edition of Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine is a pin up special and I am so over the moon to be the model gracing the cover of this edition, thanks to being featured in a painting by the amazing Andy Hosegood.

Around.. maybe 7 or 8 years ago now, Andy saw me featured in this magazine and contacted me to see if I was interested in working with him on some pin up paintings.  The very first ‘proper’ piece Andy worked on of me was a snap of me with my dress getting caught in my front door and (surprise, surprise!) accidently revealing my stockings – a classic pin up ‘whoops’ scenario. Having not yet met Andy and not been asked to model for a painting before, I took the reference photos for the painting at home just outside my front door and sent them over to Andy to use and build a painting from that base. Even from our shoddy home photos, Andy did amazingly… we soon had met up for some proper shoots and had a couple of great paintings together.

Gradually Andy was introduced to my fellow pin up friends and the retro  network online and at a couple of events such as Pinup Picnic in the Park. Since these early days, Andy has gone on to work with some great models and produce limited edition calendars of his artwork which I can highly recommend grabbing if you get the chance. This is his first cover feature and, gosh darned it, it is so well deserved! I also love that the first cover is on the magazine which actually brought us together in the first place.

Please follow Andy on social media (I’ll get him on Instagram at some point) and support his work because he really deserves recognition for the talent he has. He has some prints and Christmas cards available for sale and will likely have a 2019 calendar up for grabs, so please do show your love and buy something personal from an independent small business.

Andy’s facebook page:
Andy’s Twitter: @andyhosegood
Andy’s store (prints, calendars, cards):

If you’re interested in buying a copy of the mag, you can buy direct from the P&KG website for £5.50

Article featuring Louloudoll (right) and Stephanie Jay, Miss Jessica Holly, Goldy Loxx and Ria Fend (top to bottom, left)

Modelled by Stefpuff

Find Andy here:

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