Rockabilly Rave 2018 – Camber Sands, South England

Here I am. Wallowing. It’s a joyful wallow because a couple of weekends ago was the Rockabilly Rave 2018 and oh my dear lord christ baby Jesus, Zeus and Osiris I had such an amazing time! You may recall me blogging about the 2017 event (read it HERE) and this year was somehow even better! Say whaaaaaaat!

Since the Rave I have been mentally squee-ing and overwhelmed by all the lovely people I spent the weekend with (it makes me mopey that we haven’t got transporters yet to see a lot of them more regularly), while my body now has a cold and I think is hating me from all the dancing, lack of sleep and rum consumption. Oh and the deluxe mattresses in the chalets. Somehow the Tuesday after the Rave I also gave myself jet lag from the mighty 1.5 hour journey from London to Rye – 4 nights of dancing until the early hours (3am/4am/6.30am and another 3.30am) has seemed to change my body clock a little and so coming in to work to actually do things requiring brainwork was definitely a challenge. Even drinking a latte to help wake myself up was a bit of a mission but I don’t mind the aches so much because I had a truly brilliant time.

This year I’ve been selling a lot of my lesser worn clothes which helps with space at home but of course I did a bit of shopping at the Rave – I got myself the buckleback shorts and two tops from Freddies of Pinewood (shorts and one top seen here —->) along with a bundle of goodies from Splendette. They are two of my go-to companies whenever they have stands at events so please check them out!

So what else did we do? To be honest, a lot of just general arsing about. We had a bigger group this year, spreading over a few chalets, and knew a lot more people who all kind of gathered at different points over the 3 days and it was really relaxed. We spent a lot of one day sunbathing – well, I made a ‘pale girl palace’ using 3 chairs and a duvet because realistically I am just going to burn, but still wanted to lay outside in my pyjamas for a while. Aoife and moi went to the beach on Sunday morning and it was so windy we got sandblasted legs and then kept tasting sand for the remainder of the day. We did manage to get some tasty chipshop chips though and it was nice to be on the beach even if it was a flying (nearly literally) visit. I got a lot more dancing in this weekend than I have before which was really great – again I took up a lot of Mike’s time with my requests so thank you there, and to all the other chaps and gals who asked me for a jig. I think I’m improving slowly but surely! A big congrats goes to Billy ‘meow meow chilly iceheart’ Brookes for some fab DJ sets, thanks for adding some musical goodness and also for dancing with me!

I’m now a big fan of ye olde story function on Instagram so I’ve put a bunch of these together in a video to give you a feel of what went on. If I’d have planned this better the video would be landscape and be more than my random recordings but it still represents the weekend pretty well.

Thank you so much to everyone involved for a wonderful weekend. The event is amazing but the people really make it and this year seemed really exceptional. Huge love to all of you and bring on 2019!

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