Miss Fortune – Rockets n Robots Kitty Tee

You love t-shirts (probably), I love t-shirts (definitely) so here’s a post about a t-shirt! You may recall I’ve posted about a tee from Miss Fortune before, the Leopard Baseball Tee… if you  don’t remember then refresh your memory by clicking….HERE! This time around Miss Fortune have a different design and pattern for you. I know, I treat you to all the good stuff!

So this is the Rockets n Robot print Kitty Tee and looking at a snap of the thang, the first thing you’ll notice will be the knock out print. On a sky blue background we have little atomic kiddies riding rockets and spaceships, pets doing the same (of course!!), cute planets and robots! The busy pattern makes this one, in my opinion, to wear with a plainer pair of jeans/capri pants or skirt so the outfit doesn’t look too bonkers but  if  you want to double pattern it up then more power to you. The material this top is made from feels very high quality – it’s thick and quite stretchy, plus definitely not one of those annoying see-through affairs…I like to be able to dress without planning what colour bra I have to put on before choosing my top for the day, so a shirt with decent thickness is highly appreciated.

My favourite part is the slash neck which I don’t often see in t-shirts, but I really like it. See what you think from the photos but I think it adds a little edge to the design. The sleeves are a great length for me and the fit is great – not too baggy. I’ve gone for a size S here with my measurements being approx B34 W27.

I love this super cute atomic space top and it will definitely have a special place in my t-shirt drawer (which is vast and very well ‘filed’ – thanks pinterest)!

This delight will cost you £32 and as they are made out of such high quality material plus the fact these are made to order, I think it’s money well spent.  If you want to get your hands on one, you can buy from Miss Fortune directly online or visit one of their many worldwide stockists —> click here for stockist details.

Worn by Stefpuff – www.facebook.com/stephaniejaymodel


Twitter/Instagram: @missfortuneuk

2 thoughts on “Miss Fortune – Rockets n Robots Kitty Tee

    • forkmypiehole says:

      It is great! I would recommend looking on the Miss Fortune website and reviewing their sizing chart to see the measurements. If in doubt though, contact Miss Fortune directly via their email or contact form (found on their website) and mention you came from Fork My Piehole 🙂


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