Stacja Pasibus – Wroclaw, Poland

I’m finishing off 2017 and welcoming you to our first post for Poland! I swept in here for a little pre-Christmas break to see what was what and basically eat my way through a few Winterry days. This is when I found Stacja Pasibus and I’m ruddy glad I did. In front of the entrance to one of the Christmas markets, this place was a frookin’ gem to walk into.  I did have a little fear of “WHAT IF THEY HAVE NO SEATS?!” but our accidental timing was fortunate, so we grabbed a table straight away.

Joyously for me as a rubbish tourist, they had both Polish and English menus. There was a crap ton I wanted to go for, but stomach capacity means i had to pick one, so I went for the oddest sounding item they had – the Kevin burger. I ordered this with some cheese balls and a drink, my ‘dining companion’ went for a pulled beef burger and some fries. All ordered so we went to sit down with our buzzer which would light up (and, surprisingly, buzz) to tell us when the food is ready to collect.  This didn’t take long, so let’s get to the food! already!

The Kevin Burger – who knows why this is called Kevin…I like it though. What does Kevin contain? Jam, peanut butter, cheese, bacon, spicy biscuits… whoever this Kevin is, hes a weirdo and I need to shake his hand. This strange combo of flavours work amazingly well and really surprised me. The patty itself was cooked rare as I’d requested and the good quality meat was delicious. Size wise, Kevin was a little daunting to fit in my mouth because of the height but you’ll be relieved to hear that I soon got into it and squished the bun down.

The bun by itself isn’t anything special  but the ingredients make up for it.  The flavour can change from mouthful to mouthful going from sweet to nutty to slightly spicy and its a bloody treat. Mouthfuls with the biscuit in you think “ooh biscuit” because it does taste like those slightly sugary biscuits which are often served with coffees, but it works! How?! No idea. Let’s not question this pleasure. The contrast of the many ingredients and the super soft rare beef  are so magical. I would love to have this flavour option at home! Kevin, I SUPERLIKE you.

Pulled Beef Szarpak Burger – Good lord baby Jesus  H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P christ, they didn’t half pack a shed load of pulled beef into this bad boy. Accompanied by gherkins, lettuce, onions and BBQ sauce this makes for another weighty burger which makes me think every Pasibus burger is this kind of size…this is a good news day, son.  The BBQ sauce is more like gravy which is a relief for me as I expected a strong BBQ flavour take over – a personal turn off.

The meat was very close in quality (if not surpassing) that of The Patate and all of it tasted very rich. Also the sheer size of the thing sets it apart from a lot of the London offerings and it felt like a more luxurious meal than “just” a burger.  It’s true, the meat proportions made this something special and although I personally loved the Kevin more, my ‘dining companion’ had this to say about his pulled beef adventure – “Honestly one of the nicest things I’ve had in a fast food joint.” so there we are.

The chips also deserve a mention. They are hand cut from Polish potatoes and were quite splendid. There. They have been mentioned. Which was deserved. Hooray!

Let’s talk about the cheese balls, seen above with old Kev. You get 4 cheese balls with some kind of chill mayo for 4 zloty which is about £1… if you don’t get these then you’re a fool! A damned fool! 4 balls is a great side size for one but they do offer a larger portion if you’re with fellow cheese lovers. They aren’t stringy, they’re just… cheese… soft…bite-size… cheeeeeese! Warm and soft. What  a dream. The mayo that came with it was a delight too.

The atmosphere was good with chilled out music playing at the right level and I loved the simple, dark, clean (almost all) black and wood interior. The staff were nice and the server spoke English for us which I appreciate as my Polish is close to non-existent. Our meal for 2 burgers, 2 sides and 2 drinks was about 66 Zloty which translates to around £14. IN TOTAL. Magic

A must visit if you’re in Wroclaw, or any other Polish cities containing this joyous meat nugget. DO IT. I found it tough to keep myself away and not go in for a second visit….

Forked by Stefpuff

Instagram: @pasibus

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